Top Ten Things You Should Know About Me!

Alright so this week’s topic that  The Broke and the Bookish had set for Top Ten Tuesday was Top Ten 2014 Debuts I’m Excited For, but I was pretty sure I had already made that post back in early December. You can look at my Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten 2014 Releases I’m Dying to Read here! So I decided to write my own Top Ten Tuesday of sorts by choosing to share more about myself with my fellow blog peeps! Here are the top ten things I felt my readers/followers should know about me. These ten things basically sum up my life in as basic a way as possible. I tried to make them non-book related for the most part seeing as you pretty much know that books/reading/blogging are already a huge part of who I am.


1. I am a diehard Harry Potter fan!! Harry Potter was my childhood and will forever remain a part of me! I’ve reread each book, some of which I’ve read 4+ times! I don’t know if I could ever put my love for these books into words. The characters will always be in my heart. This story is GOLD and J.K. Rowling is BLOODY BRILLIANT! No series could ever surpass it, the end.


2. I think Zumba is one of the best workouts EVER and everyone should do it! Zumba is seriously the most fun workout I’ve ever done, and I’m totally addicted to it. The best part is, I don’t even have to go to the gym to do it, I just exercise with it through my Wii! It’s got awesome dances to fun songs you can move to, and it tracks your calories! If you are struggling to find a exercise program that works for you, I would definitely recommend trying Zumba Fitness!


3. I have recently become OBSESSED with Anime!! Let’s just say I had no idea what I was missing out on all my life! I am so sorry for judging people who love Anime because I definitely fall into that category now! And thus, my nerdom progresses further, past the point of no return!! Anime is not what the average ignorant person would think, it has depth and meaning and FANTASTIC story lines, it’s so worth watching!

4. I hate spicy food! My mouth just can’t take the pain, and my lips swell, and it’s just bad all around. So I just don’t touch the stuff, and if I do unaware I regret it, and I’ll practically empty The Nile to sooth my throat!


5. My love for The Walking Dead knows no bounds!!! I can’t get enough of this show!!! I’ve read all the graphic novels as well and the show is even better! Not to mention: DARYL DIXON!! Enough Said…but seriously, this show turned me into a HUGE zombie apocalypse fan which as you’ve noticed has carried over into my blog through the books I read. This show is so amazing; it takes an unrealistic situation and produces reactions that are totally plausible in the event that a zombie apocalypse would happen. It’s about more than just zombies, it’s about survival and dealing with your inner struggles, as well as facing the evil that emerges from those still left alive. People will do anything to survive, and that is extremely prevalent in this show.

6. Netflix? That’s a funny way to say boyfriend. Another obsession of mine, I honestly don’t know what I would do without Netflix, its the best investment you can make! It’s how I came to love soo many shows, including The Walking Dead!


7. I’m on Pinterest pretty much daily! Pinterest is seriously one of the best forms of entertainment out there. This is the place I go to fangirl on pretty much everything! If you want to find some awesome memes/pictures/ideas/humor etc. Pinterest will have it, and you can be sure you’ll never emerge from your mancave to see the light of day once you discover its splendor. Unfortunately I’m not as good at keeping up my blog Pinterest as I am my personal account, I need to work on that…


8. I am a colossal Captain America fan, he’s basically my man ;)! Captain America is my number one hero! I love everything about him, and it doesn’t hurt that Chris Evans gave him a face! I literally dressed up as Captain America for Halloween and am SO pumped for the second movie to come out in April this year!!


9. Not a day goes by where I don’t listen to music! Music is definitely an important part of my life, I can’t just not listen to it, and definitely not at a low volume. My car jamming time has to happen! There are so many wonderful bands out there with lyrics that speak magic! There is such beauty in music, one that effects you and leaves you thinking about this world, and your place in it. I’m totally in love with it!

10. I consider both my cat and my Kindle my children! I’m one of those people that talks to my cat like they’re a person (yes I admit it), but I wouldn’t have it any other way! I love my little babe of a cat, even if she is totally a brat! And of course you all should know by now of my endless love that I have for my Kindle! I take it everywhere with me, I can’t imagine not having it! If that thing ever breaks, I’ll feel like I’ll have lost a friend, one that has provided me with so much comfort and joy over the past year.

So there ya have it, I hope this was entertaining and worthwhile, for now this is about all the information about myself you’ll get out of me. I realize that a lot of words are in all caps, but that’s only to emphasize how strongly I feel toward all these things.