Review: The Dark Calling (Arcana Chronicles #5) by Kresley Cole


Goodreads Summary:

New intrigues, adventures, and stunning revelations fill the penultimate installment of #1 New York Times best-selling author Kresley Cole’s electrifying Arcana Chronicles.

In a world teetering on the edge . . .
When Evie receives life-changing—and possibly game-changing—news, she has trouble believing it. Why doesn’t she feel any different? Is it possible someone she trusts might be lying?

With enemies at every turn . . .
Tensions seethe inside the castle of lost time as Evie starts to doubt her own sanity. Answers can be found outside their stronghold, but will Death help her find them—or prevent her from learning the truth about her future and Jack’s possible survival?

Darkness beckons.
A mysterious, sinister power begins to affect the Arcana in its path. Forced out into the wasteland alone, Evie must depend on unexpected allies. But as a battle with Richter looms, can her new alliance defeat the Dark Calling before hell reigns on earth?

My Review

After well over a year and a great deal of anticipation, I couldn’t wait to finally get my hands on book five of The Arcana Chronicles. Little did I know how disappointed I would be after finishing it.

The Dark Calling picks up right where book four left off, with Evie discovering (to her dismay) that she is pregnant with Death’s child, after having just found out that Jack is indeed alive. With so much information and betrayal in their midst, she finds her very foundation crumbling around her as she fights for her life against the very person she trusted the most.

I had such high hopes for this book. I figured that extending the wait for book five would mean that it would really pack a punch. Unfortunately, it struck out. The Dark Calling was fast paced, don’t get me wrong, but as I came to its conclusion, I realized that absolutely nothing essential toward the plot of the series happened. This book made me feel like I was in limbo. The events that occurred did not warrant an entire novel. They could have been added to a larger story that would have contributed a lot more to the series as a whole. I was expecting so much to happen, I wanted earth shattering information, and kick ass action left in right as more arcana get taken off the board. Very little of these things came to fruition, and I found myself sorely disappointed.

Now we all know that The Arcana Chronicles has a killer love triangle. However, it is slowly starting to destroy itself and it’s breaking my heart. I am still 100% team Jack, but I’m beginning to just want Evie to make a damn choice already so we can all move on with our lives. Both men are just so fricken genuine and perfect that it almost bothers me. It just doesn’t happen like that. My heart breaks for both men, who really seem to be taking the most fallout throughout the books. At this point Cole is messing with the readers’ emotions big time. It’s just not fair.

I wish I could say that The Dark Calling was worth the wait, but it just wasn’t. It barely scratched the itch I was having to read this series again! And now I’m even more bitter that that was all I got after all that time passed. I can only hope that the next book will make up for it! At the rate the story is going, I’m thinking the next book will be the last. At least I hope it will be. Not sure how much longer I can be strung along. I still love this series, so I’m definitely giving up!

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Review: Arcana Rising (Arcana Chronicles #4) by Kresley Cole


Goodreads Summary:

Losses mount and deadly new threats converge in this next action-packed tale of the Arcana Chronicles by #1 New York Times bestselling author Kresley Cole.

When the battle is done . . .
The Emperor unleashes hell and annihilates an army, jeopardizing the future of mankind–but Circe strikes back. The epic clash between them devastates the Arcana world and nearly kills Evie, separating her from her allies.

And all hope is lost . . .
With Aric missing and no sign that Jack and Selena escaped Richter’s reach, Evie turns more and more to the darkness lurking inside her. Two Arcana emerge as game changers: one who could be her salvation, the other her worst nightmare.

Vengeance becomes everything.
To take on Richter, Evie must reunite with Death and mend their broken bond. But as she learns more about her role in the future–and her chilling past–will she become a monster like the Emperor? Or can Evie and her allies rise up from Richter’s ashes, stronger than ever before? (less)

My Review

Ok let me just say before I get started, that I have been reading this series for at least three years now, and it has absolutely KILLED me to wait each time for the next books to come out!! Above all, Dead of Winter ended in one of the worst cliffhangers ever!!! Recap: the Emperor sent out a massive lava wave that took out everything (including supposedly Jack) right after Evie chose to be with him over Death. So naturally I REALLY NEEDED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED NEXT!

Arcana Rising picked up literally right where it left off, which was in the middle of absolute chaos! Evie becomes separated from everyone and must struggle on her own to reach Aric and avenge Jack.However, on her journey, she comes across new Arcana, and learns more about herself and the lengths she will go to to protect the ones she loves.  This book was heart wrenching from the get-go. The action was non-stop and I could not put it down. Arcana Rising took me on an epic emotional roller coaster that I still have not come off of.

Once again, Kresley Cole has ensnared my mind/heart. I cannot figure out who I want Evie to be with!! I am so torn between Jack and Death ever still, yet I think I still choose Jack. I don’t know what it is, but I really love this guy’s drive and ruggedness, despite how absolutely wonderful and endearing Aric is. There are some beautiful and sexy moments between Evie and Death in this book that many readers have been waiting for. Don’t get me wrong, part of me really enjoyed reading that, but the other part was super pissed it wasn’t with Jack!

The events leading up to the ending (which came on way too quickly let me tell ya) had me reeling at every page (or kindle swipe). I also couldn’t help but feel that not a whole lot of overall plot movement occurred in this book in comparison to the others. This book felt a little more like an “in between” novel. I definitely still loved it, but I was also really frustrated that it wasn’t longer. I need to know more and I need to know now! The next book cannot come soon enough, which unfortunately isn’t until Spring of 2017!!

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