Elsker by ST Bende


Kristia Tostenson has experienced visions of the future all her life, so much so they have practically ostracized her from society, hoping to start over and gain some new perspective she transfers from her small town in Oregon to Cardiff University in Wales. While there she meets and falls in love with the captivating Ull Myhr. Their relationship starts off hot from the start, but strange things are happening around Ull that leave Kristia questioning who he truly is. Ull is a full on Norse God and Asgard’s greatest warrior and assassin, but like all Asgardians he is fated to die at the prophesied apocalyptic battle known as Ragnarok. Somehow Kristia’s visions are the only thing that can possibly save both Ull’s planet, Asgard and her own. No pressure right?

Hey again, its Brigit, I had seen this book mentioned on other blogs and had planned to read it eventually, so I was so excited when I won an ebook of Elsker in a giveaway which naturally made me even more excited to read it!

Elsker was a thrilling blend of both Norwegian mythology and romance. What was especially interesting to read about was the history of the gods. And yes the god: Thor is apart of this story! So awesome! (Chris Hemsworth love!)  Anyway, this book was fast paced and kept my attention throughout. Though I might argue that the two characters fell in love a little too fast with a little too much perfectness (the only semi-negative thing about this book). Nonetheless, the love that Ull and Kristia share is boundless and undying and conflicts do soon arrive dimming their supposed perfect future together. Ull is so protective of Kristia which is so sweet, even when it seems to get in the way at times. So yes Ull is a potential book boyfriend for sure with his towering frame and godlike gorgeousness! There are many adorable moments shared between the Kristia and Ull, they are characters you can root for. Don’t be expecting too much action out of this first book though, this was definitely the build up book. By the time I finished reading it, multiple developments occured that definitely left me wanting to read the next book, which is clearly where everything is gonna go down! So naturally I’m pretty excited for the next book to come out titled Endre!

And here are some beautiful visuals of what to look forward to with this book! Here is Ull!  Sorry its so small 😦


I would most definitely recommend you read this book, its got hot amazing gods, romance, and a creative plot with much promise/action to come!

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Endre, book two in the Elsker Saga is set to come out September 9th of this year! Yay! Here is the cover for book two check out the synopsis for it on goodreads:


You can buy Elsker for kindle or paperback on Amazon Click this!