Blog Tour: The Lost Codex (The Collectors’ Society #4) by Heather Lyons

THE LOST CODEX (The Collectors’ Society, #4) is LIVE!

Don’t miss the conclusion of this incredible series!



Book Blurb:

Allies, once inseparable, splinter until they break apart.

An insidiousness carves its way through Wonderland, challenging the land’s very existence.

Battle lines will be drawn as pages, long languishing in darkness, are finally illuminated.

Swords will clash, blood will be spilled, and lives will be lost.

For what is written can still be erased.

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My Review

After being with The Collectors’ Society since the very beginning, I was more than excited to see how it would end. Of course it was also extremely bittersweet! I did not want to let these beloved characters go! I also wish I had had the chance to reread The Forgotten Mountain before reading The Lost Codex, because I had to string together the pieces that my forgetful mind had lost.

The Forgotten Mountain ended with an absolutely MIND BLOWING cliffhanger!! I won’t include spoilers, but holy cow it was insane and I needed to know what was going on! Thankfully the story picked up right where it had left off which was in the thick of it all! I was sucked in from the start! Now that Alice has revealed the identity of the piper and his companions, she is more than determined to vanquish him once and for all. She will do whatever it takes to see him come to an end. Even if it means making the ultimate sacrifice.

The Lost Codex was most certainly unexpected! The emotion was the most intense thus far! My heart cried out for these characters in a way it never has before! I felt for every member of the society in new ways, and was utterly devastated by certain events that occurred. One thing that was steadfast throughout was the love and connection that Alice and Finn share. Lyons describes their binary love in such drastic and severe terms that leaves you completely emotionally invested in seeing their relationship succeed!

The action and plot developments were nonstop and the questions I’ve had since the very beginning were finally answered! The conclusion was absolute chaos and entirely astounding! I was utterly shocked by the turn of events, and though I was initially angry by the outcome, by the end of the last page I was left feeling content and wishing for more! The Collectors’ Society is not to be missed; never have I encountered anything like it, these characters, and this story will stay with me for a very long time.

Which Villain Do I Think Should Live in the World of The Collectors’ Society:

Bellatrix Lestrange!

I think this character would be absolute perfection in The Collectors’ Society, I could see her teaming up with the Queen of Hearts which is ironic since Helena Bonham Carter plays her in Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. I could see her throwing curses at Alice left and right and Alice responding with all the badassery she’s got!




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author picAUTHOR BIO: 

Heather Lyons is known for writing epic, heartfelt love stories often with a fantastical twist. From Young Adult to New Adult to Adult novels—one commonality in all her books is the touching, and sometimes heart-wrenching, romance. In addition to writing, she’s also been an archaeologist and a teacher. She and her husband and children live in sunny Southern California and are currently working their way through every cupcakery she can find.












Trick or Treating with Author Brandy Nacole Word Scramble Giveaway! Happy Halloween!



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✮ (¸.•´✶Author Brandy Nacole…✯ ¸.•*¨)
Gemini Brandy Nacole is a writer of urban fantasy books. Her favorite holiday is Halloween, so in order to celebrate we are Trick or Treating across Facebook. Visit each blog to find out their part of the daily puzzle, like the page, leave them a message of either “Trick or Treat” or Happy Halloween, then enter the answer in the Rafflecopter and you could win one of dozens of prizes, the grand prize being cash! Join the Facebook event to make sure you don’t miss anything!
Now, a little about our author. She is the author of the Shadow World series and the Spiritual Discord series published by Ponahakeola Press. A reader from a young age, Brandy has always loved folklore and stories of beings that go bump in the night.
Brandy lives in Arkansas with her husband, three never stopping kids, two snooty cats, two very lazy bearded dragons, and one mellow turtle. She is a member of the Ozark Romance Authors in Springfield, Missouri. Whenever she’s not reading or writing, Brandy is spending her time outdoors wheeling, hiking, playing amateur photographer, and enjoying a good laugh.

Day 2, October 26th

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bncover.jpgLet me share some wisdom with you. There is evil in this world we cannot see, not because it is hidden from us, but because our minds refuse to accept its existence. But once we are able to get past what everyone says should not be, it becomes our responsibility to stop the evil we now see.
This insight wasn’t given to me until a year after I lost the most important person in my life: Bryce Rowan. Now, after another death at the same spot where he died—the overlook, where the mysterious lights dance amongst the trees—I begin to wonder if they were accidents after all.
Lucky for me, I’m not the only curious one in town. Cooper, a ghost hunter (aka chaser), and his sister Jada have moved to town and are starting to ask questions.

But the more we find out about this town and the people who live here, people who I have known my whole life, the more I begin to think there are those who would rather keep the evil secret, even if it means we will never be safe, and that more will die.
Barnes & Noble:
bnbroken.jpgThis was it. The moment Heaven and Hell would clash. But which unearthly being would win, the fallen angel or Hell’s hounds?
Overtaken by fear, I close my eyes.
Kayson is a Fallen Angel who has spent decades running from the Hell Hounds while searching for something that no one else believes can be so, not even God. Kayson is determined to find a Blood Child. But when a hound finds Kayson first, he is sure his end has come.
Falon, Alpha of the Hell Hounds, destroyer of the blood children, and devoted believer in his master’s plan, is bound and determined to drag Kayson back to Hell with him.
Sabrina is a Vampire, a half-breed created from one of Lucifer’s original blood children. After years of hiding, Sabrina’s fate changes when she finds Kayson barely alive. Against her instincts, Sabrina saves him. Now she and Kayson are both marked by the Hell Hounds.
Emma is an ordinary human, whose only problem is making ends meet, and getting over the hurt caused by her untrustworthy brother. Her everyday problems become supernatural ones when she finds Kayson and Sabrina hiding in her parent’s backyard shed.
Kayson, Sabrina and Emma are unlikely allies, thrown together by chance to fight against the most powerful creatures of the underworld in order to follow their world-changing quest. But will the broken faith of one break the faith of all?
Barnes & Noble:
bnraging.jpgAfter Kayson fell from heaven, his life got complicated. His greatest enemies, the hell hounds, thrived on Earth and hunted not only the fallen but the blood children created by their Master. After being chased and confronted by one of those very creatures, Kayson’s life becomes even more complicated. He never expected to be rescued by a vampire named Sabrina. He also never expected to become her protector after she falls prey to a hell hound’s deadly bite.
Falon, head of the hell hounds, has been desperately trying to hunt down Kayson and Sabrina but with the rain steadily falling—due to interference by the lower-realm Angels, also known as the assemblies—Falon grows irritated. His only option is to threaten those that may know where the fallen can be found.
With the threat of the hounds finding Kayson and the other fallen, Kayson is running out of time. Stille, once a respected Warrior in the assemblies, is pushing Kayson to leave an unconscious Sabrina behind. After all Sabrina has done for him, Kayson refuses to abandon her. But will his decision leave his friends vulnerable to attack?
Sabrina is conscious enough to sense the struggles that Kayson is facing. If he knew the torture she’s been going through, she knows he would suffer even more. Sabrina silently fights the darkness that is seeping into her dreams, while struggling to stay strong for Kayson. But when the pain becomes too much, Sabrina has to make a choice that may cost not only her life, but the lives of others as well.
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bndark.jpgKayson and the other fallen angels have risked their lives to keep Sabrina safe as she recovered from a Hell hound’s bite. Just when she began to improve, Hell was unleashed as the hounds attacked, and kidnapped Sabrina.
Now, only days after the fight between the fallen and the hounds, Kayson is determined to find Sabrina and bring her back from Hell. The only thing standing in his way is a dangerous fallen angel named Iraja. Iraja has the means to find Sabrina, but he doesn’t do favors without a price.
Sabrina is now facing the nightmare she’s been running from since being turned into a vampire a century ago: her eternal condemnation to Hell. Knowing her only chance of survival may rest by playing nice and turning Hell hound Falon against Lucifer, Sabrina gives into the bitter darkness and now has to fight to remember the good soul she truly is. But when she discovers the role her and the innocent human Emma are forced to play, will her fear get the better of her, and will she be lost forever?
In the third installment of the Spiritual Discord series, the will to survive is tested, worst fears become a reality, and for one, betrayal becomes the only option.
Barnes & Noble:
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Why Being a College Student and a Blogger is so Problematic

If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you probably know that I am a college student. Not only that but I am an Exercise Science major, which means SCIENCE, which means DEATH TO SOCIAL LIFE/FUN.



So I’m sure you’re thinking this post is pretty obvious? Well yeah you’re probably right! Oh well, I just think I’m past due for a good rant, but really I think this is a topic that many people can relate to! I personally know of some friends that go through the same seasonal struggle that I do.  Of course I would much rather be blogging and reading like crazy instead of studying for my two upper division biology classes and Organic Chemistry II (I know, why did they make two of them, and why did I take the second if I already took one?!). Well to put it simply I’m getting my minor in Chemistry. My dream/goal is to be accepted into my university’s doctorate program of Physical Therapy and graduate PT school! So yes, I’m very committed/dedicated to making this happen. If blogging and reading could be my career on the side then HELL YEAH, but that’s definitely wishful thinking.  So here are my reasons why Being a College Student and a Blogger is so Problematic.

1. Less posts published a week: my post ideas don’t go down, but the time to publish them certainly does! And the time to look for challenges or participate in memes or themed posts is compromised more which also leads to decreased posts.

2. Review Reminders: during the school year is the only time that I’ve ever had to physically put up sticky notes reminding me to write my reviews! How sad is that?! There are just a billion other things for school I have to remember, that it’s hard to realize that I haven’t posted my review for the recent book I’ve finished, which brings me to #3.


3. SOOO much less time to read: say goodbye to binge reading and late night reading when you have 8am classes or exams. The main time I read during the school year is when I’m exercising or right before bed for about 30 minutes, (or even in line for food/on the bus). So naturally I can only read a book every 1-2 weeks. It’s just the sad reality of college life.

4. Views/reach goes down:wow have my views gone down already since school started. Not that that is my reason for blogging whatsoever, but I mean sure it makes me feel a little better and that people are actually seeing what I’m writing.

5. Genuine feeling of blogger inadequacy: naturally as views and posts go down I begin to feel like I’m the worst blogger ever and I’m never going anywhere with it. It’s a pretty sucky feeling.

Overall Feels/Silver Lining:

Through all the school stress, my blog is one of the best therapies I can think of! It’s so wonderful to be able to come back to this at the end of the day. To always have a reason to be writing and more importantly to be reading! My blog keeps me on top of finishing more books, and is a constant outlet for me to express myself. In the end this blog is more-so for me than to get followers and have rising numbers. So I’m gonna keep on trucking because Escape Inside the Pages is a part of me and my happiness.

Any similar thoughts or comments to add? Please share! Thanks for reading guys!

20 Things I Didn’t Think I’d Do Before I Turned 20


I realize this has essentially nothing to do with books, but I thought I’d share it anyway, you can check it out on My Trending Stories as well.

Since my 20th birthday is today, I thought I’d share a little more about myself. I knew my birthday was coming up so I really got to thinking about what that meant for me and my life. I realized how blessed I have been in my short lifetime and all that I have done. I also really want to point out to anyone and everyone that anything is possible, and the only thing standing in your way of success/happiness is yourself. You can do anything you freaking want to do, I don’t care what anyone says, what anyone’s doubts poison your mind with. Stick to your guns, and take everything in stride! I hate it when I look at other people’s lives and think about how lucky they are to travel where they have or be able to afford the things they do, but now that I look back and really think about the past 20 years, I know I have no reason to truly be jealous. Everything that happened to me happened for a reason and I am so much better and stronger for it. So here are my 20 things (of most significance to me) that I have done/has happened to me, in no particular order.

1. Drove to California for the first time (only a 7 hr drive but still)

2. Got my short story published in a Young Adult anthology at age 17

3. Went snorkeling on Catalina Island (swam above tiger sharks)

4. Worked two part time jobs at the same time

5. Created a Book Blog: Escape Inside the Pages-I am so very proud of this and so grateful for all my readers and all the people I’ve met through blogging!

6. No longer friends with my best friend

7. Went to a concert by myself

8. Cliff jumped

9. Drove in the snowy downpour

10. Walked the streets of New York City

11. Made straight A’s my first two years of College (so far) as an Exercise Science major

12. Signed a lease on my 1st apartment

13. Worked fast food

14. Met the celebrity of my dreams aka Jensen Ackles who plays Dean Winchester in the show Supernatural

15. Stood front row at a concert

16. Became a Certified Nursing Assistant

17. Went ice skating in the snow at Rockefeller Center

18. Took a Salsa Class

19. Had the lead role in a High School play

20. Member of the High School Improv team for 3 years

There’s my life in a nutshell, not really, but I sure am proud of how far I’ve come. I can’t wait to see what the next 20 years bring me.