This past week I was surprised and oh so excited to be contacted by My Trending Stories to become one of their bloggers/writers! They had seen Escape Inside the Pages and wanted to bring me on board with their website. My Trending Stories is a website in which multiple writers come together and post articles on everything and anything. They are fairly new to the neighborhood so they aren’t very well known yet. Seeing no harm in collaborating with them, I agreed and am now a writer for their site!! I already shared my Top Ten Reasons I love Summer post on their website, but I tweaked it just a little to fit a college audience.  I will also be sharing my book reviews/book related posts on My Trending Stories along with any other topics I have inspiration toward!


I am super excited about this opportunity! I do often have a lot of writing ideas that are none book related. I can’t wait to get the chance to share them all. I am an Exercise Science major so I am also very passionate about health and fitness. I wrote a review this week on the exercise program Daily Burn as well.

My Trending Stories has the option of following the writers in order to be notified each time they post an article.

Check out my Bio!



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