Top Ten Tuesdays: Top Ten Reasons I love Jennifer L. Armentrout

This meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

Yes hello hey! I’m back for another Top Ten Tuesday (I realize mine are very sporadic now). Any who,  this week’s topic is “Top Ten Reasons I love (insert something you love). I have read many books by Jennifer L. Armentrout over the past 5 years or so. I am completely and totally in love with her books and writing style! So allow me to explain just how much and why I love her as an author!

Alright prepare for the fangirling!tumblr_lkjx9nfCED1qafrh6_zps6fc37e63


1. She creates the best witty banter between the two love interests in her books!

“Why are you such an ass?” The words came out before I could think twice.
“Everyone has to excel at something, right?”
“Well, you’re doing a great job.”

-Obsidian (Lux #1)

2.Every one of her books is unique and unlike anything I’ve ever read!

3. She has the best author Instagram account: @authorjlarmentrout

4. Did I mention she’s a Fan of Supernatural?!


5. JLA is always writing, so even when you have to wait for the next book in her series to come out, there’s a pretty good chance you can read something else of her’s while you wait!


6. She creates a KILLER romance in every book/series! 

7. Her books are “unputdownable!”

8.JLA knows how to throat punch you with all the feels!


9. You can always count on there being hilarious pop culture references in her books!

10. And most importantly….She gave the world DAEMON BLACK!



Books I’ve Read By Jennifer L. Armentrout

  1. The Lux Series (my absolute favorite) including Oblivion
  2. Obsession (Lux spinoff)
  3. The Covenant Series
  4. The Dark Elements Series
  5. Don’t Look Back
  6. Wicked
  7. Wait for You

There are quite a few others out there, 4 of which are waiting for me on my Kindle!

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