Review: Spell Bound (A Fairy Retelling #3) by Dorian Tsukioka


Goodreads Summary:

Sold into slavery – Entwined in magic – Destined to die

In order to save her family, Aniya sacrifices herself as a slave to Rahotep, the High Priest and second most powerful man in all of Egypt. In the dungeon of the palace she finds herself entwined in both magic and a budding romance with one of Rahotep’s own servants.

The High Priest has his own plans for Aniya — plans that lead to her death. Aniya is faced with choosing her own path or sacrificing herself once again for the sake of those she loves most.

Spell Bound is a fairy tale retelling woven with threads of magic and sacrificial love. If you like page-turning action, surprising twists and turns, and heroic love, you’ll love Dorian Tsukioka’s newest fairy tale adventure into the mystical world of ancient Egypt. 

My Review

Spell Bound will take you back to Ancient Egypt on a mythical adventure. After reading one of the Fairy Retelling books previously, I knew I was “bound” to enjoy this addition to the series! This is the first book in an Egyptian setting that I’ve read, so that definitely took some getting used to, but it made for an overall unique story that I had never encountered before.

Aniya is only a child when she is stripped of her family and livelihood and sent to live in the palace. Although she is originally taken prisoner, once she discovers she has magical talents she is soon given a higher title than she ever could have imagined. However, not all is what it seems, and before she can blink, her life gets flipped upside down and she finds herself on a trip she never intended to take.

Spell Bound had a swift plot filled with magic, mythology, and suspense. There was never a dull moment. Though some parts of it happened a little too fast for enjoyment, the overall story was genuinely inspired. I could really tell that Tsukioka had done her research and put a lot of effort in letting that show through the events that transpired. The ending was sweet and completely satisfying. If you’re looking for a quick fun read and a trip back in time, then Spell Bound is the book for you!

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