Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Reasons I’m Thankful for Blogging.

This meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.


So I did a post back in 2013 titled Top Ten Things I’m Thankful For, but I felt that it would be more fun to change things up a bit in this special rendition of a Thanksgiving post! Blogging is such a big part of my life and it’s about time I give it some credit! Without further ado, here are the reason I’m thankful for blogging!

1. It encourages me to read and read fast: if I didn’t have deadlines, or just the need to post I would probably not be able to read nearly as fast, or feel as inclined to read! Being a college student and a book blogger is practically impossible at times, but having a blog gives me the motivation to make sure I never stop reading! Because even when studying is about to eat me alive, I know I have another world I can escape to at the end of the day.

2. Brings forth my creativity: It’s so fun to discover new ways to discuss the books I’m reading and pour my heart into letting my voice shine through my reviews. Not to mention, Escape Inside the Pages gave me the perfect outlet to make my own Blog meme (see below).

MM153. Musical Mondays: If I hadn’t started blogging, I never would have made a blog meme, let alone even known what a blog meme is! I love sharing the music that moves me with the world and challenge myself each week to think of a good Book-to-Song comparison! Check out my latest Musical Mondays post here!


4. Free books: Of course it doesn’t hurt that being a book blogger leads to many avenues that provide free books and ARCS!

5. Provides an Escape: Blogging keeps me sane, and is a beautiful reprieve from studying and homework! It’s basically my digital journal , but I get therapy from talking about books rather than my feelings and it produces the same effect: relieves me of stress.

6. Great way to Discover New Books: I probably wouldn’t have read half as many books as I have since I started blogging, or have been open to as many types of books.

7. I get to write: It’s such a lovely respite when I don’t have to worry about reaching a specific word count or meet all the requirements on the rubric. Here, I can just…write. I love creative writing, and don’t get to do it nearly as much as I’d like to, but blogging gives me the perfect excuse.

8. Fellow Bloggers: Seeing the way other bloggers have carved their niche in the book blogging world is always intriguing, inspiring, and helps me to grow my little niche too!


9.  Helped Me with Technology: I was never totally ignorant when it came to technology, but I have to say, I was not nearly as proficient at working in the tech realm until  I decided to make a blog! I’ve learned so much more than I ever thought I would!


10. Sense of Accomplishment: Blogging makes me proud, this little virtual baby is mine, I raised and nurtured it straight from the ground. It is something I enjoy telling others about and feel strongly about. People may call me a nerd for it, but I couldn’t be happier that I blog.


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