Top Ten Tuesday: Top 10 Wishes I’d Ask The Book Genie To Grant Me

This meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

Hey ya’ll, I realize that I haven’t posted a Top Ten Tuesday in a very long time! College life is nutzo and when I can post one of these it’s a miracle. This topic is also a really fun one so I couldn’t pass it up!! In a perfect dream world, these wishes would all be made possible!

I have two Harry Potter Related ones because, yes.


1. A Harry Potter book based on Snape’s POV: How freaking amazing would that be?! To truly comprehend Snape’s struggle would provide so much insight into the series.

2. A Harry Potter book on the lives of Harry, Ron and Hermione’s kids: It would just be lovely and exciting and a beautiful reemergence into the Wizarding World.

3. The ability to know if I’m going to like the book I’m reading before I open it: I would never have to feel disappointed by a book and would never feel bad or the need to bash a book on my blog. This wish coming true would just make me a happier reader all around!


4. Real life book boyfriends (please oh please ): Can I get an AMEN?! If I could have a real life Daemon Black right here, right now, I could die happy.


5. To zap the next book in the series I’m reading  into my hands whenever I need it: All readers know that the struggle is real!!! Waiting for the next book in a beloved series is a special kind of torture! If I could just have the next book when I need it I would never go through the trouble of having to remember what happened prior to that book.


6. Reduced prices for hard cover books: I am a college student, therefore I am poor. Hard cover books are the best of the best, but their prices are aneurysm inducing!!  

7. Freeze time so as not to lose sleep from reading past my bedtime: This of course always happens when I have an exam the next day or work, so stopping time would be a lovely reprieve to the bags under my eyes.  

8. Signed copies of all my favorite series: This is just a luxury any reader would want!

9.  That every ebook had page numbers instead of percentages!!: OMG PLEASE!!!! I hate how only half the time Kindle ebooks have page numbers! Unless I’m stupid and don’t know how to enable this feature? (please help) I get so sick of seeing percentages instead of real numbers. This would be a great change!  


10. My very own (Beauty & the Beast) library: My hope is to some day have my dream house fully equipped with my own little library filled with my favorite books, collections, comfy chairs with perfect lighting, and an adorable little desk to write and blog at.


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