Musical Mondays 8/10/15



Musical Mondays: a meme hosted by yours truly! Now you may be wondering why I’ve decided to start a musically themed meme on what is clearly a blog about books. Well…who said music and books can’t go hand-in-hand? I love music almost as much as I love books! Songs bring about so much inspiration and emotion. I can’t help but feel the need to share some of my musical tastes with you, and I would absolutely love to hear what you guys listen to as well!

Musical Mondays provides a wonderful opportunity for any and every blog to take part in, regardless of their theme. Music is a unifying element in our modern world and deserves to be shared. My goal is to show others what awesome music is out there, while also becoming inspired by other bloggers who participate. I’m hoping this meme will encourage others to branch out with their music tastes and find something new!

Naturally, since I love books and music so much, I’m going to touch on both topics using this meme! My shared books are linked to Goodreads!

Feel free to use my image or create your own!


How to Participate In Musical Mondays:

  1. Link your Musical Mondays post back to Escape Inside the Pages

  2. Include the instructions in your post

  3. Share anywhere from 1-3 songs that either:

    • remind you of a book you’ve read or are currently reading
    • you’ve been listening to or have discovered in the past week
    • you feel you must absolutely share with the world
  4. Link your shared songs to their Youtube video (even if it’s a lyrics video)

  5.  Paste the link to your Musical Mondays post in the Comments of my Musical Mondays post each week

  6. Have the greatest time discovering new music and artists!

And if you don’t have a blog, feel free to share your music in the comments section anyway!


Alright, then, without further ado, here are my picks for this very musical of Mondays!

Song That Reminds Me of A Book:



 Every Last Breath by Jennifer L. Armentrout vs. Vicious Love (ft. Hayley Williams) by New Found GloryThis song screams Every Last Breath, which just so happens to be the last book I finished reading! The lyrics easily compare to Roth and Layla’s relationship and the struggle they endure! I was never super into New Found Glory until I saw that they rereleased this song featuring Hayley Williams, who just happens to be my favorite female singer! Definitely check out this song and read The Dark Elements trilogy!

Song I’ve Been Listening to/Must Share:



Serial Killer by Lana Del Rey: Lana Del Rey has been one of the top artists on my Summertime Jams list! I’ve been completely obsessed with her music! Her voice is so haunting and her lyrics flow like poetry. She may be a diva, but she totally ROCKS IT! Serial Killer is lesser known than most of her songs, but nevertheless, it’s fantastic! Please give it a listen!

Well that concludes my first ever Musical Mondays! I hope you share in the splendors, and I can’t wait to hear what new songs are out there! What have you been listening to this week?







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