Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Things I’ve Learned in College

This meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is a freebie topic again. I love that The Broke and the Bookish do this every so often because it gives me the opportunity to branch out of the book spectrum for a bit and explore other awesome topics out there! So because I just recently finished my freshman year in college, I thought it was fitting to share a little bit about what knowledge I’ve gained from this crazy wonderful year! So without further adieu here are the Top Ten Things I’ve Learned in College!


1. You never go to bed quite when you plan to: I can’t tell you how many times I would tell my roommate I was gonna go to bed at a certain time and then wouldn’t go to bed until at least 30 minutes or more after I said I would go to bed. Sleep is quite relative in college and you’ll be surprised on how little sleep one can function on and still do pretty well in class! And if you want to stay out later on a weekday, I promise it will more than likely be worth losing sleep over! Besides sleeping till noon or later is what the weekend is for! 😉

2. It’s all about compromise: I was pretty fortunate in that my roommate was my best friend from high school, but that didn’t mean we had a perfect relationship throughout! The trick to living with anyone (including your best friend) is knowing when to compromise on all things! Living with another person in tight quarters definitely takes some getting used to, but as long as you are considerate of the other person and each pull your own weight whether it’s about cleaning or lights off or “headphones-in-please-I’m-studying” time, I promise your going to have a much easier go of it!


3. Who you were in high school means nothing at all: This is one of the best things about college!! All those cheerleaders and jocks that were so worshipped in high school suddenly become your average college student and are no more significant than the other 200+ people sitting in your lecture hall! No one cares who you were, what mistakes you made, what clubs you participated in, who your friends were. In college no one judges you for you and it’s pretty fantastic! College is all about diversity and acceptance of everyone no matter their background and somehow everybody just kinda gets it and you find friends that you never thought you’d get along with back in high school.


4. You don’t need nearly as much stuff in your dorm as you think you do: As a girl who loves all things clothes and shoes, trust me when I say that once in college, you begin to realize what all you really use everyday and throughout the week. I definitely brought a little too much to my dorm this year and I learned quickly that the things I brought because I thought I would “maybe use” were the things I never touched. Girls you don’t need that many shoes or tops there, but I mean of course bring what you can fit but not what you can cram. And as a book lover I didn’t need to bring some of the books I did especially since I’m an ebook reader. I could have gone just with my Kindle and have been fine. Fortunately I was still instate so I brought home some things throughout the year.


5.You need to study even when you think you don’t, but it’s also perfectly ok to go out and have fun: Welcome to college where studying is KEY, even the little things need studying for. I’m talking about that quiz that you think you’ve got down but then you take and go “da fudge?!” as soon as you read the first question! Honestly college is not that ridiculously hard as long as you set aside the necessary study time. Of course I’m not saying to become a shut in and study non-stop! DO NOT do that! Go out! Have fun!! Just plan when you do each! And if you stay out and had fun but still have homework or some studying to do after,  well that’s when the little sleep comes in ;).

6. Take advantage of your resources: If there are special study sessions or review sessions/tutors available before a big upcoming exam, then go to them!! I can’t tell you how many times these saved my butt! They don’t take that long, are super informative and up your overall grade in the class by quite a good percentage! Sometimes (sometimes more often than not) the professors notes just don’t cut it, and you’re gonna need that extra review time in order to understand the material.

7. Avoiding “freshman 15” is much easier than you would think: Yes there are plenty of unhealthy eating options on campus and in the dining hall, but as long as you know what your eating and what to choose, “freshman 15” does not have to be in your future. Don’t go back for seconds, choose whole grain and grilled options. It’s totally fine to treat yourself, just don’t do it in heaping portions. Most universities and even private colleges have some kind of gym or facility to exercise in! USE IT!! Go to workout classes at the rec-center with your friends, Zumba is da bomb diggity and even more fun when you go with friends! Not to mention, most of your classes are gonna be spread out and you’ll be forced to walk or bike (depending on preference) to all of your classes every day. For this reason alone, me and a lot of my friends actually lost weight this year!


8. It’s ok if you get homesick: It’s totally acceptable to get homesick every once in a while. That’s what the lovely thing called Skype and/or FaceTime are for!! I don’t know what I would have done without video-chatting my family this year! And boys and girls, call your mom every once in a while, trust me, she’ll appreciate your call!

9. Being open to new experiences will make a world of difference:  If you aren’t willing to go the extra mile and try new things (not life threatening/stupid things), or branch out and meet new people, then you aren’t going to have nearly as much fun in college as you are hoping for! Everyone there is looking to make friends and are more than willing to start a conversation!

e52a5e0087a187e5862b647a520e501510. Coffee is your new best friend: I had always been a fan of Starbucks, but once I got to college I drank the crap out of that place! I can now say that I for sure need coffee in my life! Coffee really will help wake you up, and even put you in a better mood! Not to mention coffee dates with friends or with your laptop and headphones is always a good idea!

What things did you take away from college? I would love to know! Maybe you have helpful tips for me going into to my sophomore year! Comment below!


  1. I love all of these! They are all so true. Though, I didn’t live in a dorm or on campus, I still can see where you’re coming from because my boyfriend did and his dorm was definitely overwhelming.

    Congrats on finishing your first year! 🙂

  2. Wow, you gave some great advice! I wish I knew some of these things before I went to college. Now that I’ve finished with that part of life it all seems so obvious, but it’s not for most people. Excellent topic! Very unique 😉

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