Review: Piercing the Darkness (Shadow Born 2.5) by Angela Dennis



Goodreads Summary:

Love knows no bounds.

Cursed by the dark mage who killed her, Hilda Janssen has wandered the Earthly plane as a ghost for fifty years, finally finding her place as an IRT hunter, policing supernatural misfits trapped on Earth after a brutal war.

When a demon attacks, putting her team in mortal danger, Hilda sacrifices herself to save her friends. She’s already died once; what difference will doing it again make? But instead of meeting a final death, Hilda is cast into the Void, a magical prison from which there is no escape.

Her only hope is Cade Kerrigan, the lover she left behind after her first death. Their bond and his magic are the only things strong enough to pull her through the Veil. But Cade has no idea his soulmate came back as a ghost, and he isn’t too happy to have been left in the dark.

They must put aside the baggage of the past to save Hilda from a fate worse than death.

Warning: Contains star-crossed lovers destined for a second chance, a whirlwind of powerful magic, and a love so strong it defies even death.

**I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review**

My Review

Unfortunately, I have not had the pleasure of reading the first two books in the Shadow Born series, but I definitely want to after having read this novella! I had little problems understanding the story without knowing what happened in the beginning, which is really a testament to how well written the story was. Piercing the Darkness was nonstop movement as the long dead ghost witch Hilda is thrown back into the world of the living in order to defeat an evil demon. However, her new life is literally short lived when she is put into the Void left to be fed on the dark creatures who lurk within. When her immortal lover from her past Cade learns that she is alive again, he will do anything in his power to save her.

Hilda’s character was enjoyable in every way! She is snarky and headstrong and puts up a pretty good fight! Her relationship with Cade was most definitely rocky, but underneath it all was an intense love between the two of them that would not easily be destroyed by death! The supernatural elements of this book were different than what I’ve read before, and kept the content packed with action and suspense. I found myself wishing it was more than a novella so that the events could have been drawn on a little longer than they were. However, I was more than pleased that Dennis didn’t drag on the romantic conflict between Cade and Hilda! Seeing their relationship unfold was oh so satisfying!

The side characters were also more than intriguing, prompting me to want to read the rest of the books even more in order to read their POVs! Dennis has definitely created a new and unseen world in the Shadow Born series! If you are already a lover of this series, or are just starting off like I am, I would seriously recommend you read Piercing the Darkness!

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