Review: Tro (Elsker Saga #3) by S.T. Bende


Goodreads Summary:

Sometimes you just have to believe.

Finding her destiny nearly cost her everything. Kristia knows she can handle whatever The Fates throw at her next—including her long-awaited honeymoon with the God of Winter. But as things heat up between Kristia and Ull, a frost settles over Asgard. An unexpected death marks the beginning of the end, much earlier than anyone expected. Kristia’s barely begun to understand what she’s capable of, and controlling her powers seems completely out of her grasp. With her new family fighting for their lives, and Ull fighting for their future, Kristia has to make a devastating choice: preserve the life she loves, or protect the god she can’t live without?

My Review

Ah, it was so good to read the final book to this series, it had been a while since I’d read the first two, and I guess quite a bit was changed during the rerelease of the first two books. Fortunately, I was able to pick up on what had been altered between Endre and Tro and did just fine! Not to mention, S.T. Bende is such a lovely person all around, and I couldn’t have been more pleased to have read her books!

Tro picked up right in the middle of a blissful honeymoon between Krista and Ull the beautiful/sexy/mighty/charming God of Winter! Their honeymoon was oh so steamy, and Ull was drool worthy throughout! However,  when Kristia begins to have foreboding visions, of which she can’t quite seem to recall afterward, she discovers that Ragnarok suddenly might seem closer than they first thought. And it soon becomes apparent that Kristia and Ull will have to face their fate, and maybe the ending of all that they know.

This third and final book was filled with sweet moments equally paired with suspense filled moments, and God/mythological fighting action! Kristia and Ull’s love stayed strong throughout and they shared the most adorable words with each other that would melt any fangirl’s heart! The main conflict/ battle was resolved almost a little too quickly, but it was still definitely exciting to read. The overall conclusion flowed wonderfully into the plot with a twist I did not see coming thrown in right in the knick of time!

I would definitely recommend you continue your journey with The Elsker Saga and read Tro! It’s a perfect conclusion to the story, with all the Norse action you could hope for!

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