Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Book Related Problems I Have

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This week’s Top Ten Tuesday Topic is Top Ten Book Related Problems I Have. These are both serious/fun and in no particular order.

1. Keeping track of page numbers/percentages: I tend to look at the page number/percent that I’m on (if I’m reading my Kindle) way too often when reading, and then I’ll go through doing the math until I figure out how many pages I have left. Does this mean I’m OCD? I especially do this if I’m counting down till the book ends, if it’s particularly grueling. Of course when the content is fantastic, then I don’t even realize i’m turning the page/swiping the screen.

2. Reading past my bedtime: What reader doesn’t do this? If that book is good, then of course you’re gonna stay up until you finish it or at least get to a certain point in the story! I especially have a habit of doing this when I’m on break from school!

3. Saying phrases out loud after reading them: Yeah I’m a weirdo, I’ll read the dialogue and the actions that accompany the words and just stand there and say it the way the character does (if I’m alone of course). Sometimes I don’t even realize I’m doing it…

4. Screaming out loud about the character’s stupidity: This happens all the time, because why are characters so stupid sometimes?? I have to release my frustrations somehow.

5. Avoiding reading when I don’t like the book: I do this with almost every book that’s not really cutting it, I’ll think “hmm I should probably read that book, cause I have a deadline, but ugh it’s so slow and unexciting… oh Netflix!”  

6. Jumping words/phrases to finish the book faster: Again, this is something I do when I’m trying to quickly finish the book I’m not too fond of. I just skim over the unnecessary filler words and skip to the dialogue to get through it faster.

7. Hesitating or not reading a book at all if there’s no paranormal/scifi/unrealistic characteristics present in the storyline: I rarely do read contemporary romance because I usually don’t enjoy them nearly as much as I do a book with very fictional aspects instead of too real events. I’m a dreamer, what can I say? Don’t get me wrong, I have read some fantastic contemporaries, but they are usually never my first choice.

8. Forgetting content when going to continue a series: This is why I usually have to reread so many books before I can read the next one in the series. I read too many different books to keep all the facts straight, so when I tell myself I’ll reread the previous books first before I continue, I just end up not finishing the series for quite some time!

9. Reading slower when I’m working out: For some reason I can’t manage to read at the same pace when I’m on a treadmill/ other machine compared to when reading any other time. And no I’m not running, I’m speed walking.

10. Skipping ahead in the pages to see what happens: If I’m really desperate to see what happens, or when the characters come to their senses, I’ll flip pages until I’m satisfied with what’s going to happen and can then feel comfortable to continue to read. I know I’m not the only one that does this!

Well there ya have it folks, my Top Ten Book Related Problems! What problems do you have when it comes to reading/books? I’d love to hear them, I’m sure I can relate!



  1. I do quite a few of those. I am getting better at finishing books I am not enjoying but I have over 60 sitting on my currently reading shelf on goodreads that I have not yet finished. I plan to finish them all over the next year.
    I do not shout at charcaters when they something silly but I do put the book down for a few minutes until I am ready to start reading again. 🙂

  2. I do the math to figure out how many pages I have left when I’m reading ebooks. I don’t often read after my bedtime. As much as I’d often love to keep reading, I can be quite irritable (aka mean) when I haven’t had enough sleep. So for myself and for everyone who has to interact with me, I try to get the right amount of sleep. I do # 3 also. Not all the time, but sometimes. FOR sure yell at the characters when they’re being stupid. And I also avoid reading altogether when I’m reading a book that is dragging me down! Great list!

    Sandy @ Somewhere Only We Know

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