Review: Sadie’s War (A Supernatural Uprising #1) by Jayelle Cochran


Goodreads Summary: 

A blind traumatized teen learns of love, and becomes the catalyst for a revolution.

Abandoned by her parents to live on the streets, Sadie never knew kindness without first paying a terrifying price. The lessons from her childhood fuel a paranoia that makes it impossible to trust anyone, or accept their help. That all changes when she meets Fester, a young man with his own painful past. After he saves her from freezing to death, Sadie realizes that she must learn how to trust another if she wants to live; a feat that is easier said than done.

Meanwhile, a war is brewing. For decades the supernaturals have been plotting their revolt against a tyrannical government that exploits them. After using her own supernatural power against an attacker, Sadie and her friends soon find themselves in the government’s cross-hairs. To survive, they are forced to team up with a criminal who has plans for Sadie and wishes to ignite the war.

My Review

Sadie’s War brings about a heart wrenching tale of a girl who has seen so much struggle and strife that you cannot help but feel pity for her situation. Though she may be what is called a “supernatural” with a kickass power, she has been so abused and mistreated by her own parents, that she barely knows how to function in society. Luckily, the ever compassionate Fester finds her and takes her in. However, her situation soon becomes dire when her power threatens her life and the lives of those she comes to love.

I was so not used to reading about such a vulnerable and weepy main character, so that took some extreme getting used to in this book. Of course, Sadie’s breakdowns were perfectly justified, because the things this poor girl has gone through are so inhumane, I can’t imagine how someone would cope with it. The abuse that has been inflicted on her literally alters her entire perspective of right and wrong, so it was super interesting to read from that sort of twisted POV.

Sadie’s power was super legit, and totally reminded me of Avatar: The Last Airbender. I also very much appreciated the other characters’ supernatural powers, though I really would have loved to see more action from their powers, and just more action in general would have been awesome! Fortunately, Sadie got the ending she deserved and a romance that was strong enough to overcome any emotional obstacle. Though I wanted a little more action from the storyline, and a little more plot movement, Sadie’s War was a cute romantic book that demonstrated what it takes to overcome the hauntings of our past.

You can buy Sadie’s War on Amazon here!



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