Original Poem “Paint the World”

So this is the first time I’ve ever shared my original writing on my blog and hopefully it won’t be the last. I wanted to share my poem Paint the World today in honor of tomorrow being the last day of this year’s Greatest International Scavenger Hunt This World Has Ever Seen (GISHWHES) created by the wonderful Misha Collins (aka Castiel) of Supernatural. Go check out the website here!

I wrote this a while back at around 1:30 am after having just discovered what this strange GISHWHES was all about. I was so moved by it that I felt truly inspired to put my feelings into words and it just sort of became this poem. So even though I wasn’t able to participate in the hunt this year, I still wanted to share my appreciation for all that Misha Collins and the scavenger hunters have done to help make this world a more unique and better place to be apart of. Thanks guys!


Paint the World


Do you ever feel the need to do something extraordinary?

to “take arms against a sea of troubles”

to be bigger than everything that you are

to overcome any obstacle that would dare to stand in your way


Do you ever feel infamous?

Like the world is but a fly buzzing

in your ear


Have you ever been inspired to greatness,

compelled to be better than what you were yesterday

Have you felt the need to stay up all night out of fear

that if you go to bed now, you’re bound to miss

the greatest adventure if you fall asleep?


Like this world is a blank canvas

and your actions are your paintbrushes

Paint the world red, blue, magenta, indigo

as long as it’s bursting with the colors of

your choosing

with the colors you can appreciate

The colors you can be proud to call your own

The colors that make an impact

that leave a message behind for people to smile about


Draw a picture that speaks volumes

That says you were here

You changed everything


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