Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Authors I Own the Most Books of

This meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.



So this week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is: Top Ten Authors I Own the Most Books of. So this week’s is a little tricky for me to fully give an entire list for because I don’t necessarily “own” tons of books from specific authors so much as I’ve read a ton of books from the same author. I’ve read waaay too many books from the library over the years to be able to say that I actually own all the books they’ve written. So I will give a mix of the two.

1. Jennifer Armentrout: Okay so when it comes to her books I do actually own quite a few…The entire Lux Series including the novella,  The Dark Elements series, also including the novella (though I have yet to read it), Wait for You, and Obsession and I’m currently reading The Covenant series though unfortunately I don’t own those…those I checked out from the library. And I have two of her books on preorder!

2. Amy Bartol: I’ve read all of The Premonition series though I only own half of them and I own Under Different Stars.

3. Quinn Loftis: I own all of The Grey Wolves series and Elfin. So that’s 7 books I think!

4. Erica Stevens:  I own 6 of her books! I own the entire Captured Series and her books Ravenous, and Kindred.

5. J.K. Rowling: Naturally I have to include her, I own the entire Harry Potter Series as well as The Cuckoo’s Calling and Casual Vacancy though I haven’t read either of those yet.

6. Michael Grant: I own 5 of his books, most The Gone Series and Eve & Adam.

7. James Patterson:  I own all 6 of The Maximum Ride Books!

9. Avi: Though I only own 3 of his books I’ve read 4 or 5 of his novels! Avi was one of my favorite authors growing up and I have reread his books multiple times!

10. Roald Dahl: Again I only own one of his books: The BFG but I’ve read 6 of his so I’m including it in this list!



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