Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Favorite TV Shows

This meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

I am super excited about this week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic: Top Ten Favorite TV Shows! “Netflixing”/  watching my TV shows is the one thing I love just as much as reading! And I love that this week takes a break from talking about books, because from what I’ve seen, most people who are obsessed with reading are usually obsessed with TV shows as well and we don’t get nearly as much time to express our love for them. I could have chosen to do my post on movies instead of shows. Don’t get me wrong, I’m also a huge movie buff but my shows are the things I consistently hardcore fangirl over, and I’m just way more excited to share those with you than my fave movies.

So here they are in no particular order, my Top Ten Favorite TV Shows! Though I’ve saved the best for last!


1. The Walking Dead: I love this show! The storyline never fails to have me on the edge of my seat with a pillow held close to squeeze during times of extreme stress! This show is about so much more than the zombie apocalypse! It’s about survival and the lengths one will go to to stay alive and to protect the people you love. Oh and two words: DARYL DIXON!


Though the end of season 4 was kinda disappointing I’m still most definitely looking forward to the start up of season 5 in October!


2. BBC’s Robin Hood: I’m absolutely in love with this show, even if it broke my heart into a million pieces, yet I’ve still rewatched them all! I’m pretty sure I’ve seen every episode at least 4 times (there’s only three seasons). The action is constant and the love story is breathtaking:


Robin and Marian *sigh*


3. Psych:  This show is downright hilarious! The first six seasons are fantastic and had me cracking up at every turn! The jokes are witty and the pop culture references are ever bountiful! Sean and Gus will forever be amazing!


As Gus would say: “You know that’s right!”


4. The Vampire Diaries: I think that picture speaks louder than words! This show is filled with all kinds of sexy *cough cough* Damon Salvatore aka Ian Somerhalder!


Look at that smirk! *blushes*

This show is all sorts of angsty but also super intense and insane every second of the way! I got hooked on The Vampire Diaries last Summer and watched all four seasons in a month and was proud of it! Though the romance drives me crazy with frustration the content and supernatural phenomena keeps me glued to the story!


5. The Legend of the Seeker: I love this show sooo much and was super upset that it got canceled after two seasons, but at least it still had 44 episodes and concluded wonderfully! This is yet another show that had an awesome romance as well as constant action and suspense! Every episode had me asking “how the heck are they gonna get out of this alive?!” And just look at Richard aka Craig Horner… he’s Australian!


Legend of the Seeker is also one of those I have rewatched and hope to rewatch again! They just need to bring it back on Netflix dang it!!


6. Arrow: I actually recently got into Arrow this Summer and after the first episode I was hooked! There are so many plot twists, awesome one-on-one combat, as well as Oliver and Felicity’s relationship that I will forever ship!


Can’t you just see the sparks and feel the heat??


7. BBC’s Merlin: Another show that has broken my heart, yet it still managed to find its way onto my Top Ten Favorite Shows post! I love Merlin for all the emotion, the fantasy filled action/suspense but most importantly for the relationship that Arthur and Merlin have with one another! It’s adorable and absolutely hilarious throughout! Though the ending of the series was more than disappointing I choose to remember Merlin for all its wonderful qualities and will go on as if I never saw that last episode (though there really is no forgetting).



8. What I Like About You: I used to come home to watch reruns of this show everyday and slowly but surely saw every episodes multiple times! I love this ridiculous show! It never failed to make me laugh! Thus I choose to remember Amanda Bynes for how she was and not for the pink haired round faced person she is now.


9. Avatar: The Last Airbender: I will forever love this show! It is SO much more than a childrens’ cartoon! Never has there ever been so much emotion and so many adult situations in what one would call a “kids’ show.” Every episode is gripping, the plot line is wonderfully structured and it had plenty of laugh out loud moments! Now every time I see them play reruns I’m all




10. Supernatural: Oh how do I begin to put my love and adoration for this show into words!!! There isn’t a single thing I dislike about Supernatural. Between the characters (which are to die for…literally), the insane storyline, and the wonderful humor, this show has everything to offer! Every episode has me glued to the screen and every season finale kills me with it’s cliffhanger! And you can be sure to hear classic rock in almost every episode! The Winchesters (specifically Dean) stole my heart in a matter of 11 weeks which is how long it took me to watch all 9 seasons and 195 episodes! Bear in mind that this was also during Spring Break/ my last quarter of school too! Though really I fell in love with the show instantly, and never have I ever been so consumed by a show so quickly before. It almost wasn’t natural, you could say it was…supernatural… (bad puns but anyone in the SPN Family would catch my drift).

My Reaction every time something insane happens on Supernatural:


But just look at these two



Can’t forget about Cas


Alright well there you have it folks! All the loves of my life summed up into one post. If you haven’t noticed I like a particular genre of TV shows! Of course I watch many many more shows than this but these will forever be my top, or at least it’s going to take some epic awesomeness for a new show to make it onto the top ten! I’m pretty picky!

Hope you enjoyed my Top Ten Favorite TV Shows list! What are some of your favorite shows? I’d love to know! I’m always open to suggestions for my next Netflix binge! Comment below!



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