Review: Vampire Brides from Planet Hell by Malcolm Chandler


Amazon Description:

In space, no one can hear you scream. But on Drakken III (a.k.a Planet Hell) visitors’ tortured screams echo for eternity.

Drakken was once home to a race of insatiable, blood-sucking warriors. Now it’s a dead world. Quarantined. Xed out on the astrogation charts with a skull and crossbones.

Unfortunately for convicted space pirate Max Neptune, a suicide mission to Drakken is his only way out of a death sentence. Drakken’s lecherous ruler, Count Styrax, has kidnapped the Crown Princess Persephone. If Neptune can get her back, he wins his freedom.

It’s not the worst deal in the galaxy. Sure beats the laser guillotine.

Unfortunately for Max, a harem full of voluptuous alien vampires may prove more than he can resist. In which case he, too, will spend a tortured eternity on Planet Hell — as their slave!


My Review

Vampire Brides from Planet Hell is definitely unlike anything you have encountered! It is a fast paced short story filled with scifi action and death at every turn.  The storyline pulled me in from the start.

Drakken III provided for a thrilling setting that was equally paired with the narrator. You don’t even have to learn his name to appreciate and be thoroughly entertained by his point of view! The dialogue was witty with just the perfect amount of humor. And the ending line could not have been more perfect! Vampire Brides from Planet Hell was a quick fun read! Too bad it was a “short” because it would have been wonderful to see what happened next!

You can buy Vampire Brides from Planet Hell on Amazon here!


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