Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Blogging (Bookish) Confessions

This meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

So this week’s Top Ten Tuesday is: Top Ten Blogging Confessions. But I really liked the host’s previous confessions post regarding  book confessions, not blogging so I chose bookish confessions instead. Plus I really don’t think I have ten straight up blogging confessions to give. So, it’s about to get real (not really).



1. If a book gets emotional enough I will definitely be sitting there reading and crying my eyes out. It doesn’t even have to be a sad part, like say the book has a really fantastic finish and everything comes together wonderfully, I will shed some tears of joy. And when something absolutely tragic happens I pretty much cry as I read, even when I try to talk myself out of it like “no way he/she cannot be dead the whole story would be over, then why am I still crying?!”

2. I am always skeptical of outrageously popular new books. There have been multiple times that I see so many people rant and rave about series that are covering the shelves of every store, but when I read it I end up thinking “this was just ok but not as fantastic as everyone makes it out to be.” Or other times I end up thinking “what are you people smoking this book is terrible!” Of course there are still multiple popular books that I love, so this isn’t a fail safe method, but usually it takes the opinion of a book reader that I really trust for me to pick up a popular book. In the end I prefer to just stumble upon a good read and then later discover that it’s actually really popular! That way I have no one to blame but myself if I end up disappointed lol.

3. I am usually a much nicer reviewer of books on my blog than I am in real life. When it comes to the books that I am on the fence about hating or giving it at least some props, I usually give it some props to be nice to the author. Of course if I absolutely loved the book than I don’t hold anything back! But the book would have to be pretty darn terrible for me to full out slam it on my blog without praising some things.

4. My reviews always end up longer than I intended them to be. Sometimes I organize my reviews into categorical paragraphs which usually helps me narrow it down, but otherwise I don’t have a logical order to my reviews and I kinda prefer it that way. When I go on tangents, I don’t realize how long they get till I scroll back up the page. Sorry guys, I just gotta get all the feels out!

5. I tend to yell at books/make comments out loud while I read. I can’t help it, the emotion comes off the page, and I have to yell “you’re an idiot” or “NOOOO!!!” or “squeeeee” during the romantic parts otherwise I know I wasn’t  really paying attention to the story.

6. I don’t (or very rarely) enjoy classic literature. I just have never been able to say: “man I really loved reading that Shakespeare play.” The classics don’t cut it for me, at least not in the same way any other book does.

7. I still consistently check out books from my local library. In fact, I really rarely ever go past the “book request pick up” section of my library. I get tons of books by searching for them on the online catalog of my library, requesting it online, and then I pick them up when I see that it’s arrived at my library. It’s super easy and spares me the time of searching the shelves for a book I don’t even know if my library carries. Requesting online means that the book will ship from anywhere in the county! I mean obviously I still read plenty of books off my Kindle and I do splurge and buy books as well but this way is definitely the cheapest!

8. I HATE reading more than one book at a time! If I can avoid it, I make sure to always be reading one book at a time. To me it’s just wrong to read multiple books, because then you can’t give that book the individual attention it deserves, and then your mind jumbles the plots and it’s just a mess all around.

9. I constantly keep track of how many pages I have left of the book I’m reading. Call me OCD, but I need to know the number of pages a book has and be able to subtract from there how many pages I have left. So, sometimes my Kindle drives me crazy when it only gives me percentages!

10. I love reading in the car! When I’m not driving, I will often read on the car ride to places. Even if it’s only a 30 minute drive. I tend to bring a book/my Kindle with me everywhere I go. You never know when you might need it!


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