Review: Hummingbird (Shadow Weavers #1) by Kay Causer


Goodreads Description:

The shadows are moving…
For fifty years the gateways to the dark places have been closed. No dark spirits have escaped and no shadow weavers have been called upon to fight them. But things are changing.
Naomi keeps seeing a hummingbird in her dreams but she has no idea what it means. She also doesn’t know who the mysterious boy is that seems to be able to turn invisible, or why the Korean exchange student, Minhyun, is suddenly showing her so much interest. Worst of all, she doesn’t know what is lurking in the darkness, waiting for her.
But she is about to find out.
She is the first shadow weaver in fifty years…

My Review

Shadow Weavers brings forth a new and unique story in which shadow weavers and shadow guides fight alongside each other to bring down the shadows that are breaking through the “veil” of sorts. Naomi just happens to be the first Shadow Weaver to emerge in fifty years. Fortunately for her she has the wonderful Jesse as her shadow guide to help her adjust to his new world and battle the creatures lurking in the dark. So naturally, as the two spend more and more time together they start to see each other as more than battle buddies.

Some Pros: One of the things I particularly liked about Shadow Weavers is that Kay Causer wasted no time with informing Naomi of who she really was. So many books often drag out a huge length of the story with the main character being in the dark about the truth of who he/she is. But nope that was not the case with Shadow Weavers, Naomi discovered the truth, took time to absorb it and then jumped right into the action to do what she was born to do.Furthermore, the romance was not overly exhausted, it was kept even paced with no unnecessary conflicts between the two. Jesse and Naomi’s relationship was not necessarily swoon worthy but it was cute and made sense for the plot.

Some Cons: Though Shadow Weavers brought about a concept of supernatural that was unique and different compared to your average story, there were some components that just felt too underdeveloped. Most of the story was spent training Naomi and some mini fight scenes were thrown in here and there, but there were no major events that contributed to the main conflict of the story. A villain was mentioned quite a bit throughout, but you never actually saw him until the very end of the story, and when you did he literally said two words and that was it. I wanted to see more hero/villain one-on-one combat with banter and crazy plot twists but it never came.

Shadow Weavers was an okay read filled with enough action scenes and a cute enough romance to be seen through to the finish. However, I would have loved to have seen a better conflict with a bit bigger ending to prompt me into reading book two.

You can buy Shadow Weavers on Amazon here. Book two is titled Nightingale and will be out soon!



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