Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Reasons I Love Being a Blogger/Reader

This meme is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish!

1.I get to vent about my feelings on every book I read!

2.I get to learn about so many other new books and series through the blogs that I follow!n It helps to have connections 😉

3. I get many opportunities to read free books! (Who wouldn’t become a blogger just for that?

4. Blogging gives me an excuse to always be reading (not that I’m not anyway).

5.I can openly express my great love for series/books without being looked down upon.

6.Blogging in general is just a Lot of fun and a great way to spend my time!

7.I can escape from my reality whenever I want just by opening up my book or turning on my Kindle!

8.Reading in general has improved my writing capabilities and has helped me so much throughout   school.

9.Reading/books have given me a wonderful imagination and a friend to always come home to.

10.I can take my Book/Kindle where ever I go, so I can always be entertaine.d

Overall (if you couldn’t tell) reading brings me an abundance of joy!



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