Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Things On My Reading Wishlist!

This meme is hosted by the The Broke and the Bookish!

So this week’s topic is Top Ten Things On My Reading Wishlist, which basically means, the top things I wish authors would write about. So here they are in all their nerdom, because believe me, I realize these topics are pretty different, but I think they would be so fantastic to read about, and I’m sure I’m not the only one out there who thinks so.


1. A Paranormal Romance set in the Renaissance Era: The Renaissance era is basically my favorite time period; everything about it is so intriguing and wonderful to think about. If an author were to take a paranormal scenario and place it into the Renaissance time period and add a beautiful dash of romance, I would jump on it instantly! And yes I do realize it has been done before, but not brilliantly and usually it leans more toward the “fantasy” genre than paranormal romance. So yes I would love to see this combo crop up more!

2. A New Kind of Shape-shifter Novel (other than werewolves please): There are so many werewolf books out there these days that few authors take the time to contemplate having their characters morph into something else besides that. There are some AWESOME shape-shifter books out there, but definitely not enough! I would love to see more of them and hope to find some this year!

3. A Unicorn Hunter/Unicorn series: Yes, I was the little girl who loved unicorns, and yes I realize this topic is a super nerdy one…but yes I would totally read a unicorn series, but they have to be done properly. I have come across a couple of these books before, some of which were really great, others (a unicorn hunter series that I can’t remember the name of) took a downward turn past the point of me continuing with. So I’d love to read more unicorn series that are hopefully written in a wonderful and soo not tacky way please!


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