Review: Chosen (Stained #3) by Ella James


Goodreads Synopsis:

Julia has been chosen. While at the Stained compound, she was tapped as The One to win the war against the Nephilim and leashed with an illness that worsens each day she is away from The Three – and her destiny. Determined not to return to the frightening Chosen leaders and desperate to escape her fate, Julia and her friends journey to the Swiss Alps, home of a rogue Chosen clan.

In this snowy haven, all hell breaks loose.

Someone is traitor.
Someone changes sides.
Someone is dragged to Hades.
A new romance blossoms.
An old romance is damned.

And The Three will stop at nothing to recover the weapon that will help them regain power.

My Review

So once again Chosen picks up right where Stolen left off, which wasn’t with as large of a cliff hanger but still left you wanting more. Julia has now discovered that The Three have placed a “leash” on her since she is “The One.” This puts her life at great risk and effects her throughout the book. Julia and friends finally find the rebel Chosen compound and take refuge there, but once there, Julia soon discovers that not everything is what it seems.

Though Chosen had it’s fair share of romance between Julia and Cayne, there was not nearly as much progression in this book as I was hoping for. Don’t get me wrong, the romance was pretty much stellar! Cayne’s love for Julia is so pure and unrelenting, and no matter what, he never gives up on her. It was quite beautiful and satisfying to read about. However, as the story went on, I kept waiting for more to be explained about the supposed “leash,” and more action fight scenes that would lead to the overall resolution of the series, but not much really happened. In fact, the important events didn’t occur until the last 20% or so.

The majority of Chosen takes place in the same location: a hotel where the rebel “chosen” are located, which, unfortunately, took away from the story a little bit. It stunted the growth of the plot to the point where there were some slow parts that were hard to get through. You did however, get to learn a little more about Julia’s situation as “The One” which was helpful and interesting overall. The climax definitely made up for the rest of the book though; it was action packed and full of suspense with twists and turns that I didn’t see coming. And, by the time the book ended, there was a HUGE cliff hanger that led me to promptly buy the last book titled Exalted!

Even though Chosen was not as good as the first two books in the Stained series, it’s still worth reading. It provides some essential information as well as some wonderful romance between Cayne and Julia. I would reccommend you read Chosen, if only to continue on to find out what happens in the fourth and final book Exalted.

You can buy Chosen (Stained #3) on Amazon here!


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