Review: Stolen (Stained #2) by Ella James


Goodreads Description:

With Cayne’s fate in the hands of his enemies and Julia spirited away to the covert Stained compound, the two are separated by impenetrable walls and a gulf of unanswered questions. Soon Julia learns the truth about the Stained and the plans they have for her, the compound is attacked, and a new group is running from an unwanted destiny, searching the globe in pursuit of the knowledge that just might save them all.

My Review

Well Stolen literally picked up right where Stained left off: Cayne has been taken prisoner by Nathan and other Stained after fighting numerous Nephilim in Washington D.C., and is to be put to death for his “crimes,” (WHAAA??). At this point Cayne has regained his memories, and his and Julia’s relationship is going full speed ahead (yay!). Of course their relationship is put on hold as Julia and Cayne become separated and Julia must do all she can to figure out a way to save him from his death sentence. On top of that, she begins to doubt the morality of Cayne’s actions and even his feelings for her (helk NO!). So, there was plenty of emotional tension to go around in this book.

Julia is taken by the other Stained to their stronghold of sorts with Cayne, hence the title “Stolen.” Once there, she begins to unravel the truth about who she is and the plans her captors have in store for her. Unfortunately, she isn’t sure who she can trust, and isn’t sure who the true enemy is anymore. The Stained compound is pretty creepy in and of itself, it’s described as a cult multiple times throughout the book, everything is oddly structured and just uncanny in general. With a new setting comes new characters, and their were definitely a TON of new characters introduced in this book, which was awesome! Julia makes new allies as well as enemies. She meets others like her who become essential to the story, and allow the reader to grow more attached to them as you learn more about who they are. Overall the addition of these characters added depth to this book that Stained was lacking in.

Now that the buildup of book one was over, Stolen was able to move the series forward wonderfully by adding suspense, plenty of new developments, and of course an emotional rollercoaster between Julia and Cayne. Throughout the book I was dying of frustration over the path their relationship was taking, it literally swerved all over the place. However, as in Stained, Ella James took those romantic conflicts, worked with them, and let them run their course beautifully. Nothing was overly dragged on, and what did occur left me with so much feels for Cayne and his situation. You really get to see him evolve and come to terms with his past more in this book.

I was ultimately pretty pleased with the way Julia and Cayne’s relationship played out by the end of Stolen. It was realistic and appropriate for what was going on at the time, nothing was overly dramatic. Their reactions to one another just made sense, and though I was angry at their differences with each other, I came to realize that what they were feeling was perfectly normal for the situation, which it’s usually very difficult for a reader to really put themselves in the characters emotional shoes. We usually just jump the gun and race right to the finish which equals the two being totally and helplessly in love, but that was not the case for me this time. I wanted to see the struggle and anger play out, and I was pretty satisfied with the outcome!

Final Thoughts: Stolen was a great sequel to Stained, it got right to the point and held nothing back. There were new developments, characters, and action to go around. The romantic situations were reeling yet totally worth seeing through to the end! Stolen does not necessarily end with a cliffhanger, but it does leave you with new information that definitely makes you want to read book three: Chosen! So naturally I bought it instantly after finishing book two! So, though I might have felt like Stolen ended a little too quickly for me, it has two more books to take its place, so I know that I have more to look forward to!  I would recommend you reading this sequel for sure, its a fast read and has a story line to keep you turning the pages!

You can buy Stolen (Stained #2) on Amazon here!


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