Review: Atonement (Attainment #2) by J.H. Cardwell

Atonement Cover Fnl LoRes


Reese Stanford is off to college at Wake Forest with her loving boyfriend, Tate Justice…or is she? When trust issues arise regarding Tate’s behavior, she turns to none other than her beautiful past – the beach god, John Rider who is conveniently available and still waiting. Will it be enough drama for John to finally have her forever, or will other shocking revelations and dark discoveries keep Reese from becoming his life-long dream? Will Tate ever be able to win her love back?

Betrayal, anger, lust, and love fuel the future of Reese causing unexpected twists and turns on her long-awaited road to happiness. Will undying love conquer after all? Can Reese remain true to herself?
My Review
Well, Atonement picks up right about where Attainment left off. Reese is just starting college and is in a full fledged relationship with Tate. Things are going good for a while, that is until it all goes downhill. Lets just say a lot happens in this book. I felt like I read two books instead of one due to the large time span that is covered in this book overall.
There is plenty, and I mean plenty of romance to go around in Atonement. Between Reese’s relationship with Tate and her confusion she still has over John there are many steamy moments. However, the most frustrating part about this book was that for more than half of it, Reese just could not make up her mind over who she truly belonged with. It was almost like every other page was an emotional switch between the two, her feelings for one would refute the other, and no sooner she would say one thing about Tate, she would turn around and feel the same way about John. There was just very little romantic progress for waaay too long in this book, which is very annoying as a reader. I just wanted Reese to make up her mind, trust her gut, and go with it, no looking back.
I will say though, that yet again J.H. Cardwell found ways to implement unforseen twists and some suspenseful moments. I did not see some of the action coming, and that kept me entertained. Reese has to deal with even more in this book than she did in the first.  Though a lot of the side events like what was happening with her friends during the book seemed almost too perfect, I’m sorry but some of the events would just not have worked out so perfectly the way they do in Atonement. I understand that books are never realistic but a reader can tell when you bypass problems that should be there.
By the time I finished reading Atonement, I could easily say that some of it just dragged on a little too long for my liking, but it was romantically satisfying over all. I would recommend this book to those looking for an emotionally taxing book filled with unexpected twists that has a sweet romantic feeling to it in the end.
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