Review: Attainment (Attainment #1) by J.H. Cardwell



There are many ways to capture a person’s love, but unwilling, full attainment is never the best option.

Life hasn’t been easy for 18 year old Reese Stanford. After a traumatic incident a year ago, she has a hard time trusting any guy. She finally allows herself to fall for the heart throb, Tate Justice, only to realize he too comes with his own set of issues.
Swearing off men, she meets a beach ‘god’ who will settle for no less than all of Reese. That is at least, until she learns a truth about Tate that changes the game entirely.
My Review
Attainment is filled with love, suspense, and plenty of teenage angst to say the least. Reese has had a pretty tough time lately, so tough that this book totally had me reaffirming my principals of drinking in clubs/parties. Luckily she has friends and her awesome boyfriend Tate to get her through this difficult time,unfortunately the worst is yet to come. Either way let me just say to you readers: don’t let yourselves be victimized ladies, make smart choices that won’t lead you into a sticky situation. If you aren’t sure of where your drink has come from or who it is that gave it to you. DO NOT DRINK IT. Be aware of everything around you, just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean you’re helpless….okay let me get off my soapbox and continue with this review.
J.H. Cardwell did a nice job of depicting the reality of situations young girls face, it opened my eyes a little more and has made me even more hyper-aware than I was before. In regards to these situations, Reese just happened to be a trouble magnet in this book, at points it had me thinking “really, this is happening to her again?” but these horrifying situations added to the suspense and entertainment of the book for sure. I also really loved how Christianity played its role in this book, it made it all the more real for me, and I commend J.H. Cardwell, for sticking to her beliefs by reflecting them in this book.
Each character was developed well, along with the relationships they had with each other. I found myself completely torn at times between which guy I should root for (and believe me it was difficult, there were many). In fact it was almost a little frustrating at how quickly Reese was able to switch her feelings she had for each guy. I won’t list any names besides Tate but it was a tricky decision to decide who I wanted to be with Reese at some points of the book. I have to say though that Tate is a pretty good male lead to have. He’s athletic, super well built, and did I mention extremely protective and jealous? Needless to say there was plenty of beautiful romance to go around.
I was also pretty pleased with how well Cardwell mixed in the action between the scenes of romance, seeing as this book is specifically a romance, I wasn’t expecting too much else besides the making of a relationship. But turns out there was a lot more coming at me in Attainment than was to be expected. Let’s just say it starts off pretty scary, and as the plot plays out there are new twists and turns that you won’t see coming.
Overall, I enjoyed reading Attainment. It was an easy page turner filled with boundless love against all odd, suspense, and realistic outcomes. I would definitely recommend you read this book. I’m currently reading book two titled Atonement, review to come!
You can buy Attainment on Amazon here!

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