Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Character Names I Love!

This meme is hosted by the lovely ladies down at The Broke and the Bookish!

This weeks topic is: Top Ten Character Names I Love, so I have compiled a list of character names from a wide range of books, some are different, some I just love to love! And of course, who that character is in particular enhances how much I will love their name that goes along with it. Here they are in no particular order, this time all of these were of my choosing (Brigit’s choosing that is). I don’t have ten but that means there will be more to come!

Both of the Black twins...Daemon is the one in black, Dawson in white.

Both of the Black twins…Daemon is the one in black, Dawson in white.

1. The Lux Series: Daemon Black- I love love love love him!!! His name and spelling is so fantastic and everything about him makes me love him, starting with his name! Plus it helps that I am all for Damon Salvatore in The Vampire Diaries so that is TWO men that share this fantastic name, each with their own unique spelling!

Read my review of the series here!

2. Also from The Lux Series the name: Dawson Black- Hey look at that, it’s Daemon’s twin!! The picture above should do justice what each brother looks like though they have the identical looks they are very different in personality. I love this name, it’s so different and sexy!


3. The White Rabbit Chronicles: Alice- I love this name soooo much, I plan to use this name in the future lol! It’s just so dainty, yet fierce at the same time, and Alice in Wonderland is THE BOMB! So I love this series and Alice is one of my favorite lead female characters! Read my review of book two (pictured above) here!


4. The Premonition Series :Genevieve- Another one of my absolute favorite female leads, I love the name Amy Bartol chose, I think it is soo pretty and so fitting for who she is. Of course most the time her name is shortened to Evie which is just as cute and sweet, but otherwise I feel like the name Genevieve is timeless and reminds of me the Renaissance.


5. Collide: Merrick- Though I was not a huge fan of this book I do really love this name. It’s super different and has an awesome spelling, it just rolls off the tongue well and it’s kinda sexy not gonna lie. Read my review here!


6. The Mortal Instruments: Jace- The name practically speaks for itself here, it’s pretty epic and not to mention super different, but his name paired with his persona is perfect! Read my review here!


7. The Host: Jared- Even though I was all for Ian in this book, which btw is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE BOOKS EVER, I still absolutely love this name to pieces. It’s just one of few fantastic guy names, plus I love his character and his relationship with Melanie!

angelfire feb 15

8. The Angelfire Series: Will- I absolutely love this series and Will is one of my favorite male characters! I have yet to review this series but I plan to eventually because it is too good of a series not to share with you! I love the name Will, my interest probably started after watching Pirates of the Caribbean, but still, after reading all about this character I fell in love with the name completely, even if it is pretty common I suppose.



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