Top Ten Tuesdays: Top Ten Book Turn-Offs

So now that we are approaching our four month anniversary we felt it was time to participate in our first meme, and what better one to join in than The Broke and the Bookish: Top Ten Tuesday meme! This week’s topic is: Top Ten Book Turn-offs. Grace and I put together ten of the greatest book turn offs though that was a bit of an oxymoron….anyway here they are in no particular order whatsoever. Some are just brutally honest I apologize in advance and since most of our reading is romantically centered most of these stem from previous romance books.

  1. Romantic Male Lead Abruptly Dies: That’s it, I’m out! You just don’t do that to a beautiful relationship! Regardless of how spectacular his death is, killing the male lead to allow the lead girl character to go off into the sunset alone is just unacceptable. I mean why??? sdjfhakhgasdfhslj

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2. Girl and/or guy loses his or her memory of the other: This just leads to wasted time over remembering how to love the other person again which just extends the series unnecessarily. Unless the story is beautifully developed, or the memory stint doesn’t last long, it would be unlikely that either of us would continue the series at that point.

3. Too many points of views: Too many thoughts and opinions can lead to a frustrated reader, especially when the story continually shifts right as the action is just getting good. Don’t get me wrong, multiple points of views can be amazing when done correctly, but it can also go disastrously wrong when the point of view moves too often.

4. Too much crying on the girl’s part: Grace and I like our girl leads to be tough; there shouldn’t be too much time wasted on tears. Of course we both understand there is always going to be the need to cry (especially with some of the crap those female leads go through), it just needs to be done at the right moment. Once those tears are shed and done with, that girl needs to pick herself up and kick ass… then we will approve!

5. If, in a paranormal book/series, the male lead is simply just human with no paranormal affiliation whatsoever: Call us sexist, but we just don’t enjoy the book nearly as much or will rarely pick it up if only the female lead is a paranormal being. This leads to the girl doing all the protecting of the male and the guy never truly pulling his weight the way the girl can. Plus its just sexier when the male is just this amazing fantastical weird thing if you know what I mean!


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6. When the male lead character leaves because its “safer” for the girl: Just don’t do it! You know leaving her will put her in more danger than it does with you there! Plus it leaves the reader in agony! It can only go bad if the guy leaves. Just. Don’t. Do. It.

7. The lead girl switches her romantic interest halfway through the series: It is a rare case when we will see a series through when the lead girl suddenly decides she loves “this guy” more than her first love in the series. It’s okay if the girl decides by the end of the first book because she was never committed to begin with, but if the girl has already fallen for a guy that was introduced then suddenly book two comes and there is someone new that throws out the first guy entirely, it ruins it! Why bother with the first dude to begin with then? This just leads to the reader having an unnecessary attachment to that guy they thought was “the one”. Nope doesn’t work that way.


8. Descriptions/situations are vague: Not enough detail can lead to no formed connection between the reader and the characters. The world that author creates should flow and play out before you like a movie.

9.The girl struggles for too long to decide between two guys in a love triangle: As somewhat stated above, the girl can take the time to decide which male she chooses to be with, but don’t spend too many books on deciding who your real true love is. This brings about a conflict that just gets in the way of the plot line. Of course this is part of the entertainment of the books, and we can appreciate a good love triangle for sure, but not if it drags.

10. Not enough action: If the plot line clearly implies there will be action, don’t disappoint by barely including it. There should be a balance, a yin yang of sorts between the romantic scenes and action/suspense filled scenes.

Well there you have it folks, our Top Ten Book Turn-Offs, none of these were meant to offend any authors or series, we have both read plenty of books with these aspects and have still enjoyed them just the same, these are just pet peeves we have developed over the years. We hope you enjoyed them, stop by next Tuesday for our next “Top Ten.” Comment below on your thoughts on our turn-offs. What would yours be? Are any of yours the same as ours?


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