We Got a Pinterest!!

So I’m sure if you live in the modern world then you know what a Pinterest is? If you don’t, clearly your life has not been complete until this moment…you’re welcome. Though I warn you, if you have time to kill *cough cough* waste, you want a Pinterest…



Well anyway just stopping in to say WE GOT A PINTEREST!!!!! I encourage you to help spread the word in getting our name out there by following us since we are still pretty small, but that’s okay because we aren’t in it for the followers (though it’s a huge perk), we are in it because we love books and sharing books, and expressing ourselves through books! But if you love books/reading as much as we do please, please follow us on Pinterest for some amazing stuff to share and repin!  Click the Image above to follow Escape Inside The Pages on Pinterest! Also, the “Pin It” option is located below each post, so if you think one of our posts is just too good not to pin, what’s stopping you?




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