Dark Promise by Julia Crane & Talia Jager



Rylie runs a perfectly normal life with a wonderful boyfriend, until the day before her 16th birthday, a woman shows up at her door claiming she’s her biological mother and that Rylie is actually a faery and in terrible danger. Soon her life turns upside down as she at first tries to deny who she is but is forced to confront it when she is captured by dark faeries who are after her for her unique abilities. Only Rylie has no idea what her abilities might be. While captured she experiences the faery world first hand as well as the gorgeous dark faery Kallan, who has her questioning all her past feelings for Adam: the love of her life, turning her whole world upside down.

Brigit here…Dark Promise was my first 100% faery book I’ve read. In the past, the paranormal books that have faeries only mention them as additional characters alongside other paranormal creatures, but this book is entirely about the faery world and I really enjoyed it! Not to mention it has super cool descriptions of faery wings in it. Dark Promise is relatable and suspenseful as well as adorable in the love department.  When I found out that Adam (Rylie’s boyfriend) was human, I thought to myself, Okay where is the hot faery boyfriend, I can’t root for the human guy sorry… and sure enough BAM! there he is! Kallan is totally gorgeous, with teal wings and dark brown/black hair with crystal blue-green eyes, so yeah I fell for him pretty easily. I won’t give away all the details but there is definitely some conflict that goes down between Rylie and Kallan that makes you want them to be together regardless of the consequences, sorry Adam. But that’s what I love in a good romance; that its not just perfect right off the bat, there has to be some sort of struggle first, and you definitely see that here.

The only thing that did bother me about this book was the number of times Rylie cried, I mean yes times are hard but dry them tears and do somethin about it girl! This was a minor flaw though I assure you, it does not take away from the quality of the book whatsoever.

Dark Promise is a shorter kindle book at 230 pages, but it was the perfect length as far as content goes. I stayed up finishing it and immediately bought the second book right after! Because of course this book definitely prompts you to read the next one, which you will want to after reading it! I’m currently reading book two titled: Broken Promise, and am already enjoying it!

Dark Promise is currently FREE on Amazon! So there is no excuse to not “one-clicking” it all you kindle readers! Get it now!



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