Splintered bu A. G. Howard


Hey, it’s Grace! I know I haven’t posted a review by myself yet, but I’m hoping that this deliciously mad book will make up for it.

In the world of Alyssa Gardner hearing the thoughts of plants and insects is common, and all together very annoying. But she has accepted her fate, and the high possibility that she will end up in a mental institution just like her mother. Going crazy runs in the family ever since Alyssa’s great-great-great-grandmother, Alice Liddel, told Lewis Carrol about her otherworldly adventures. Then again, Alice Liddel might not be as crazy as she seems, and maybe her adventures weren’t just an old woman’s inane ramblings. Alyssa must travel to Wonderland, break the curse of her family’s madness and right the wrongs there. A place with unbelievable creatures, and they all seem to have their own dark agenda. But she’s not alone, luckily or unluckily, her real world crush Jeb accompanies her down the rabbit hole. There she will meet the enchanting Morpheus- her guide to the Wonderland. Alyssa will have to decide to embrace Morpheus’s disarming magic, or the solidarity Jeb offers. It’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole, but getting out is the hard part.

After reading this book my expectations for other books has gone way up! I delighted in the uncontrolled chaos Howard created in the world of Wonderland. Splintered has definitely shown me there are many sides to the traditional story of Alice in Wonderland. Howard’s attention to detail was what really added the cherry on top of the sundae for this book! I could picture every scene and adventure Alyssa traveled to. One scene that stuck with me especially was when she visited the Mad Hatter and his equally insane friends. In such a well thought out and complex world anything less would have just left the reader confused. The author made sure that the reader could really connect and understand the characters amazingly well. You can feel the struggle and emotions Alyssa has from dealing with her crazy mother to dealing with the challenges she finds in Wonderland. Howard made sure that there was no question how convoluted and enticing the magic of Wonderland is, even the creatures there were perfectly twisted and awe inspiring. But I fell in love with Morpheus! Even though Jeb is the more stable of the two I just couldn’t get over how awesome Morpheus is (even though his name reminded me of The Matrix)! The guy has wings that could make any girl swoon! And now I want to live in a world where there’s no guarantees, magic, and man-eating flowers. I’m a hopeless cause I suppose, so all there’s left to do is blame it on the books.

Fortunately this books is available in many places! You can find it on Amazon, or and Barnes and Nobles. You won’t regret falling down this rabbit hole :).


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