Enchanted by Alethea Kontis


Sunday Woodcutter is the seventh and youngest daughter in the Woodcutter family, with six other sisters named after the other days of the week. Sunday is often overlooked and has a deep love for writing, except if she writes stories about the future they tend to come true, so she catalogs her life and past. One day while writing she happens upon an enchanted frog whom she quickly befriends. Sunday learns the frog has been enchanted and soon begins to develop feelings for this man in a frog’s body. The frog asks her to kiss her one night as she turns and leaves, so she is unaware that her kiss of true love breaks his enchantment. As the frog becomes man again, his memory of who he is returns as well, he is the crown prince Rumbold of Arilland and his love for Sunday is true and all consuming, he is determined to make her his. Only there is one problem, her family despises and wants nothing to do with the royal family. Secrets are revealed and love stirs with this new found prince whom Sunday can’t possibly imagine having feelings for especially when deadly magic forces itself between the two.

Enchanted was an overall cute and endearing fantasy novel! It basically took many of the most commonly known fairy tales such as The Frog Prince obviously, The Princess and the Pea, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Jack and the Giant Beanstalk , and more and mashed them up by discreetly throwing in parts of each stories’ plot line, making for an overall unique book. This story features both the points of view of Sunday and Rumbold. As I read each perspective I couldn’t help but feel for how powerfully Rumbold loved Sunday right from the get go. Their love was raw and beautiful.

“In his thoughts, the sun shone in her hammered-gold hair as she stretched out on the ground beside him. She took of her shoes and her skirts pooled around her fair-skinned feet. She was fresh and wild and innocent, and mysterious as the Wood itself…She spoke, and the  bright crystal tones of her voice soothed him. She laughed with her whole body, and when she smiled, she glowed. She was startlingly beautiful, like a newborn fawn, even more so in her blissful unawareness of the fact. She was at the same time selfish, and giving, ungrateful and kind. Her name was Sunday. And She loved him.”

Sunday is unaware of who the prince is for so long I found my aggravation growing at the dramatic irony! However, when he is at last revealed I was completely satisfied with the outcome. The story brings unique magical aspects to the fantasy world that I had never seen before and ends with suspense and wraps up with an adorable epilogue. Its only slight downfall would be just how instantly the two fell in love, which was within a matter of days. Regardless, I would recommend this book to any who enjoy fantasy romance books. Enchanted is a fun and romantic page turner!

A spinoff novel is being made on Sunday’s warrior sister: Saturday and will be released in early October! I hope to read this book soon!

You can find Enchanted on Amazon,  and at Barnes&Noble, or your library if you so choose:)


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