The Grey Wolves Series Book 7 Cover Reveal: Sacrifice of Love!!

I have yet to review The Grey Wolves series by Quinn Loftis, only because I want to fully reread them all before I post a review on the series that way I can write the best and most detailed review for this fantastic (one of my favorites ever) series! Also it’s difficult with my constantly growing TBR list, I’m sure you know how that is! But for those of you that may have happened to read this series which I strongly recommend you do, check out this awesome cover reveal and go to Quinn Loftis website to see the full synopsis of book 7 out September 13th! It’s sexy werewolves and hilarious banter and suspense so come on! WARNING: If you have yet to read this series or have not finished them DO NOT READ THE SYNOPSIS, SPOILERS INSIDE!  Check out the cover reveal! Here is the link to the website and full synopsis of the book:  Reviews to come I promise!

SOL - Final sm



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