Primitive Instincts by Lauree Waldrop


Valyn’s life gets turned upside down when she discovers she is the princess of the Lycans ( aka werewolves, name taken from the Underworld movies if you ask me) and is destined to overthrow her evil Uncle Phillip and take back the thrown and ultimately free her people from his tyranny. She is not alone in her fight against him, for she meets the tall, dark, and handsome fellow Lycan named Barett who has sworn to protect her on her quest and prepare her for her destiny. But Valyn struggles to come to terms with murder let alone the murder of her Uncle himself, but if she doesn’t kill him, her people will be subject to his torture.

Alright I’m going to make this short and sweet. Not much can be said about Primitive Instincts, the concept was there, sure– but it was executed poorly. Frankly it wasn’t too different from other (much better) werewolf books I’ve read before. Every event that happened was short and to the point, she discovers who she is and accepts it instantly, accepts the fact she loves Barett no sooner she has met him and in vice verse. It was almost too perfect. Then by the time the ending comes around, its over before it even started. This book had potential in the beginning, but fell short. The characters and relationships were not built up enough. I felt absolutely no connection to them, no sense of self within the characters, and for all you avid readers you know what I’m talking about. The feeling you get when you feel like the characters you’re reading about have come to life and are sitting next you… yeah that didn’t happen with this book… Thank goodness I only spent .99 cents on Amazon for it because it wasn’t worth much more than that. Sorry folks about this review, ok I’m done ranting…I hope that was short enough.


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