Natural Born Angel (Immortal City Series Book 2) by Scott Speer



Return to Angel City in the second installment in the Immortal City series where Maddy and Jackson Godspeed are in a full blown relationship and Maddy must now make the decision to accept the Angel blood within her or continue with a normal human life. As she comes to terms with the fact that she is half-angel half- human she is thrown into the world of events and paparazzi and all that comes with being a celebrity angel in Angel City. What’s more she must face the responsibility of becoming a Guardian all the while juggling her relationship with Jacks, which seems to be teetering on the edge lately ever since the accident with the demon on the roof that has left Jackson flightless. Meanwhile the Angels on earth face uncertain doom from politicians eager to shut down their whole system known as “Protection for Pay.” Angels may no longer have the right to be who they are. Worse yet, strange disasters are occurring all over the world stirring up old talk of prophecy and a renewed fear in the demons that could be walking the earth. Maddy finds herself facing life changing decisions, one’s that once made can never be undone. But can her and Jackson’s love withstand such disaster?

With so much promise seen in the first book: Immortal City, I had high expectations for Natural Born Angel. Well I have to say not all of them were met, though some were.  Natural Born Angel continued to have multiple points of view which was helpful and a plus. However, this time the book took a while to get going, there was a little too much build up for the important moments in the story. Though this could be because it took me a little longer to read this book due to my craziness of a life sometimes. But, once each important moment rolled along it wasn’t rushed; it was thrilling and suspenseful through-and-through! By the time I hit the last 150 pages I couldn’t put the book down and was dying by the end of it!! It definitely had those “scream at the book” moments in which I wanted to jump inside the pages and smack some people around. New characters are introduced and an unexpected yet aggravating love triangle brews, during which I found myself questioning how I felt about certain characters and wasn’t entirely sure of where I wanted the relationships to go.

Nevertheless, as I reached the last pages of the book, I had the foreboding sense that too much needed to happen and there were not enough pages for it to happen in, thus I came to the conclusion: there would totally be a cliffhanger! And I was right! Though I had doubts during the book, the cliffhanger at the ending as well as the extremely intriguing situation pulled me in and made me anxious and in need for the next book! And believe me when I say the cliffhanger= uber frustration/need to know now feeling/”you so did this to me on purpose Scott Speer!” feeling! Unfortunately all I can tell you about the next book is that I know that Scott Speer has indeed started writing it, but I have no idea what it’s called or when it will be released! 😦  So until then I shall keep on trucking and though it has its rocky moments definitely recommend you read this book! And now I set out on the quest to search for info on the third book, details to come hopefully, I can blame this tireless pursuit on the books! Or maybe Scott Speer hmmm 😛

You can find Natural Born Angel as well as Immortal City on Amazon as well as Barnes&Nobel or a library, which ever setting floats your boat:)

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