Immortal City by Scott Speer


Enter into the world of Immortal City where Angels have openly roamed the earth for the last 100 years and act as your Guardian Angels. In this world actors and actresses aren’t seen as celebrities, angels are, and the whole population of Angel City (or what would be modern day Los Angeles) worships all the drop dead gorgeous angels that live there. But there’s a catch, only the privileged and the wealthy are able to have guardian angels. Guardians protect for a price and are assigned to specific people to save known as their “protections.” Well Jackson Godspeed happens to be the youngest, and hottest new commissioned guardian angel, and the people of Angel City worship the ground he walks on, all except Maddy Montgomery. Maddy has always lived a simple life and barely gets by on the little money her and her Uncle can make, so when fate brings her and Jackson together her world is flipped upside down. Instant feelings brew between the two, Maddy sees past Jackson’s fame and Jackson begins to question the beliefs he was raised by. Deeply hidden secrets come to the surface that will change everything and in the midst of it all, someone or something has been murdering angels, and evidence shows that Jackson is next. It’s up to Maddy to do what she can to help and survive the consequences that come with her actions.

Immortal City pulls you in from the start with its unique take on Angels being incorporated into society. I (Brigit) have read plenty of angel books over the past couple years and had never encountered one quite like this. Usually angels are always kept hidden from humans, but in this book that is all anyone can talk about. In today’s age teenage girls sit there flipping out over the stars of The Vampire Diaries and The Avengers (or at least I do) but picture this reaction to these stars but for celebrity angels like Jackson Godspeed and you will get the gist of this book’s set up. One of the things I found appealing about this book was the whole behind the scenes of what its like to be a celebrity, and you know this behind the scenes information is accurate because the author: Scott Speer is actually a movie and music video director! He’s also a looker on the eyes if I do say so myself! Anyway, you get a full look into the life of a celebrity perfectly balanced with the life of an average girl. This book bounces beautifully between both Jackson’s point of view and Maddy’s which is always an added bonus to any good book!


Scott Speer holding his books! Told you he wasn’t bad looking! But he’s taken…actually he’s dating Ashley Tisdale!

Maddy and Jackson’s relationship starts off rocky and has its own share of conflict but still remains sweet and endearing. Being that this book is romantic and written by a man, you can see significant differences in the romantic scenes, well lets just say you can tell its written by a guy. So don’t expect really detailed love scenes, either way love is a resounding theme in this story. This book consistently kept my attention so much so I stayed up till 2:30 a.m. finishing it! It’s filled with its share of yelling-at-book moments as well which is always a good sign I suppose. Though I do have to admit, there are some cheesy moments in this book and a few aggravating details but they are easily overlooked, because by the end I was fully satisfied with it and eager for more! So I made sure I immediately got the second book titled Natural Born Angel! I would most definitely recommend this book to any angel book fans or paranormal romance lovers in general!! And I can’t wait to see where Jackson and Maddy’s story takes me! Now I feel the need to investigate guardian angels living among us, I blame this new intrigue on the book!

You can pick up Immortal City on Amazon, or at Barnes&Noble, even your city library (that’s how I got mine, though these books are purchase worthy!) Go to this link below for more information on the Immortal City Series as well as a professional trailer for the first book! The trailer is pretty good though that is not at all what I expected Jackson or Maddy to look like, and I believe the trailer is inaccurate with their appearances according to the book.  Review of book two to come!


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