The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda


The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda brings significant changes to the world of vampires. In a society completely ruled by vampires, Gene struggles to keep up the act of appearing to be a vampire himself, when in fact he is a human or what this book calls a “heper.” His goal: keep his head down, put in his fake fangs, keep his scent undetectable, and try not raise any unwanted attention. So when the Ruler announces that they will be holding what they call a Heper Hunt, Gene doesn’t expect to get involved in any way. WRONG. Each vampire must be entered into the lottery to win a chance at becoming a hunter in the Heper Hunt where a few lucky vampires will get the chance to hunt down the last remaining hepers or humans left alive. Gene just so happens to be a lucky winner and now must join the hunt or become one of the hunted. As the situation becomes more dire, Gene’s feelings stir for the mysterious Ashley Green. Secrets and identities are revealed, and tension rises and Gene struggles to keep the truth hidden and survive the hunt of a lifetime.

Though The Hunt started off with quite a bit of potential I could not help but feel that it seemed like a glorified Hunger Games–this is Brigit btw.  The concept of a human pretending to be a vampire was unique in and of itself, and it was interesting to see that pan out. However, this book took a lot longer than expected to get to the point and to the climax of the story. Don’t get me wrong, it does have constant moments that are attention grabbers, but each time that moment happens you are left wondering when are they going to take it further. Also, don’t be expecting a full fledged romance, because that is not the full focus of this book, though it is an added detail. This series is meant to be a trilogy, and it seemed as if this first book was meant as a beginning information filler, like this book was necessary in order to now set up the main, more important events yet to happen in probably the second and third installments. By the end of this book, you are finally hit with a large action sequence filled with suspense and a want for more, however this does not occur until the last forty of fifty pages are so. As you reach the last page, a cliffhanger is dropped that could definitely prompt you to read the second book titled The Prey which was released in Spring of this year. I have yet to decide if I will be reading the next book seeing as I have so many other books on my list. Well my indecision can most definitely be blamed on the books!

All in all….would I recommend you reading this book? If you’re looking for a medium length time filler, have at it! This book will keep you entertained without the reeling side effects. If any of you happen to read the second book let me know by commenting below, I would love to hear if its worth the time.

You can find The Hunt and The Prey, at local book stores as well as on Amazon, I found mine at my local library (yes I still get books from the library!).


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