The Lux Series by Jennifer Armentrout

the lux series

You are not alone. But that’s alright, because the aliens out there are six foot tall gorgeous men. Escape inside the world of Katy, where she moves next door to the Blacks, home to the outrageously attractive Daemon and Dee. With the new move Katy isn’t expecting much out of the small town in West Virginia, until she stumbles upon the doorstep of Daemon Black. Though they start off with a rocky relationship filled with insulting, yet entertaining banter, feelings stir between the two that they both continuously try to deny. As they spend more time together Katy begins to notice that there is something different about Daemon and his family, and even his group of friends. Until one night when Katy is caught in a near death situation, Daemon breaks the rules and reveals who he is truly is- an alien from the planet Lux. After that fateful night Katy is dragged into the new and startlingly world of the Luxen, and now she must keep their secret or they will all face the consequences.

Although we both usually read and enjoy paranormal romance books, the Lux series has taken us by storm! Its outlook on aliens is different than anything we have ever encountered.  And because they all are attractive it’s an added bonus. Which brings us to Daemon Black, six feet of pure gorgeousness with enticing green eyes and an enthralling personality. Not to mention that he is an alien with kick-butt powers. He has instantly become an all-consuming man crush. The plot itself is also extraordinary and keeps you on your toes throughout the story. As each book goes by, the relationship between Katy and Daemon develops further as they face each new battle. Their banter leaves you laughing out loud and made us fall even more in love with Daemon Black. And in my opinion (Brigit’s opinion) he is my favorite male character of the teen book world!! These books have their share of unseen twists that left us reeling. These are definitely books that once you pick them up you won’t put them down until they’re finished!  After reading these books, both of us would do anything to go on an adventure with a hot alien, we blame this on the books.

There are currently three books out in the series, and the fourth is scheduled to be released on August 27th of this year! Which makes us both die inside, due to the fact that both of us read these months ago and have now resorted to rereading them to satisfy our need for more!! The third book leaves you with such a colossal cliffhanger that you will be screaming at the pages! With the next book coming out in just two months, its driving us mad waiting, but we know that it will be worth it. And even better is that Pepe Toth will again grace the cover of a book in the Lux series. Pepe Toth is the gorgeous soccer player and male model from Hungary. Sorry to let you down ladies but he’s taken 😦 regardless that doesn’t stop us from admiring his uncanny resemblance to Daemon himself. This is another reason why we appreciate Jennifer Armentrout, because when picking a model to represent Daemon, she hit it spot on!

Once you read the book the quote will make you swoon!

Once you read the book the quote will make you swoon!

You can pick up these books at either Barnes and Nobles or Amazon. The first installment is titled Obsidian, the kindle version is currently five dollars on Amazon.

If you love and have read this series and need a place to vent or share your thoughts and ideas about what’s coming next, comment below, we would love to discuss this series with you!



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