The Shadow Falls Series by C.C. Hunter

Born-at-Midnight Awake_at_Dawn10 Taken at Dusk


Hey this post is coming at you from Brigit, I’ve been reading the Shadow Falls series by C.C. Hunter for the past year now and having finished the last book in the series of five I feel compelled to share them with you!The Shadow Falls series is uniquely different than any other series I’ve read before due to the fact that it pairs all the most known paranormal beings (vampires, werewolves, witches, shape shifters, and fae)  into one series!

Kylie Galen is different than the average human, so when her mom sends her off to Shadow Falls camp for troubled teens, she can’t help but feel its not for her, however, she soon discovers the camp is not what it seems. It’s a place where vampires, werewolves, shape shifters, witches, and fae (or fairies) train to harness their abilities. Each paranormal being has a specific pattern that can be read across their foreheads that only other paranormal beings can read. The problem is, Kylie’s pattern is kept concealed, she has no idea what kind of paranormal being she truly is. To top it off Kylie comes to realize that she can see and communicate with the dead. Though uncertain of herself Kylie quickly  befriends vampire Della and witch Miranda, forming a bond with them as they help her in discovering who she really is. And like every teen book, a love triangle brews between the half-Fae Derek, and the hot werewolf from Kylie’s past, Lucas. Feelings stir between Kylie and the two boys, leaving the reader to choose a side (personally I love Lucas).  As the story progresses, Kylie discovers who she actually is as a paranormal and that she is more than she ever could have expected. This of course leads to the creation of a deadly enemy, one that is confronted in each returning book.

C.C. Hunter creates an amazing character in Kylie, one who kicks butt all on her own without the protection from her man, though it doesn’t hurt to have one by your side. However, don’t expect an action filled book, though there are times of action, they are often short lived. Most of the focus on this series is relationship based leading to some action sequence at the  resolution. This doesn’t stop this series from being an attention grabber though. As each book goes by more unseen twists and turns are revealed, leaving you shocked and excited at the same time. Kylie’s relationship between her two best friends Della and Miranda is filled with hilarious banter that will leave you laughing out loud, helping to make these books completely relatable. Hunter makes the romantic relationship sweet and enjoyable, even when she may drag out the romantic conflicts a little too long, the ending result is always satisfying. Overall this series is unique in its own way, keeps you interested, and leaves you feeling glad you picked them up! I just finished the last book today and now am left feeling the need to go to my own paranormal training camp where I’ll kick butt at everything, and two guys will fall in love with me …*sigh*….well I guess I’m blaming this one on the books.

Check out the Shadow Falls Series at any book store or book selling store! Hey i found mine at Target (anything is possible)! The first book is called Born at Midnight!


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