The Captive Series by Erica Stevens


Erica Stevens takes vampires to an all new level with this “captivating” series. You may think you’ve experienced every kind of vampire out there, but Braith and Aria’s story brings an unseen twist to this genre. Their story begins in an unimaginable world where vampires no longer hide in the dark but rule over the now inferior human race. Braith and Aria come together in an unexpected situation in which Aria, who is apart of the human resistance, is forced into being auctioned off as a “blood slave” to the Dark Prince of the vampires: Braith. What Aria believes to be the possible end of her life quickly becomes a journey that defies every law and notion that she grew up with as she delves deeper into Braith’s life and everything it means to be a vampire. A tumultuous relationship forms in which Braith must question what he wants and what he is willing to sacrifice for it.

This series has quickly become one of our favorites because of its fast paced plot and its well developed characters. Erica Stevens doesn’t drag out conflicts throughout the book, but provides a satisfying story. She creates an inspiring and believable female and male lead. Aria makes you want to get up and fight for what you believe in. We absolutely loved that she didn’t just give up and let the guy resolve every problem. She faces danger head on and without any complaints. Stevens creates a beautiful relationship between Aria and Braith, one that is boundless and unconventional due to their human/ vampire dynamics. With both points of view being addressed there is no room for confusion or lack of information. We both agree that this makes for a better book all around- regardless of what you’re reading. Not to mention Braith is an automatic heart throb with his intimidating and domineering personality. Definitely up there with our top five fictional crushes!! And now that the last book is out we both feel bereft and lost without being able to continue on reading about Braith and Aria’s story. Regardless the series concluded beautifully and we cannot help but feel satisfied with the resolution. Every aspect was recognized and no questions were left unanswered. And now both of us feel incomplete without our very own vampire prince. We guess its safe to say we can blame it on the books.

The Captive Series are all available on Amazon and your in luck because the first book, Captured, is free! Grab it while you can along with the other three in the series! So even if this review was meaningless to you, there is no excuse for not at least downloading a copy.



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